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A San Francisco Live-Work Gem

Walk along Grace Street in San Francisco’s evolving South of Market district during the day and you are bound to miss No. 49, a nondescript box of a building that is the live-work space of one of 2017’s American Architecture Award winners.

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration from selecting photography, architecture, graphic design and more. Our goal is to simply inspire your day and be creative!

5 Fast & Free Decorating Projects to Tackle at Home Today

When it starts snowing all the way down in Florida, you know the country is in for a wintery ride. With the Bomb Cyclone approaching the Northeast and many southern states blanketed in the white stuff already, chances are, you’re going to have some free time on your hands while you’re stuck indoors.

See the Construction of Renzo Piano’s Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre From Above

From Greek architect and photographer, Yiorgis Yerolymbos comes a book which captures the construction process of Renzo Piano’s Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece. Yerolymbos carefully documented every moment where the superfluous Olympic parking lot became a cultural center and sloping park with waterfront views.

Artist Spotlight: Kim Leutwyler

Vibrant paintings of LGBTQ-identified and Queer-allied women by Sydney-based artist Kim Leutwyler. Focusing mostly on the people in her own life, Leutwyler incorporates colourful patterns inspired by her subject’s personal background and social environment, to explore the layered complexities of identity and the mutability of beauty.

Edwin Way Teale’s writing cabin in Connecticut…

Edwin Way Teale’s writing cabin in Connecticut Submitted by Kelly Johnston

Web Design & Development News: Collective #379 | Codrops

View All Object Explorer * 365 shapes of blue * ‘auto-fill’ vs ‘auto-fit’ * lit * Front-End Performance Checklist 2018 Embed HelloSign API into your app in minutes, with only a few lines of code. Check it out A resource to help figure out what JavaScript object method would be best to use at any given time.

2017’s Top Home Trends – copycatchic

Our Home Trends series is new for 2017 and it’s quickly become one of our more popular post series on the blog. Here are your favorite trends for the 2017! Related Blog Talk, Home Trends

Color View | Design Seeds

color view } | image via: @andrea_sopranzi

ireland’s award winning smart glove heading to CES 2018

the smart glove transports people’s hands into the virtual world providing them with a fully immersive, touch-sensitive experience.

The latest Dezeen Mail features 2018’s best buildings and a U-shaped Japanese House

This week’s Dezeen Mail features renderings of what London’s skyline could like with the arrival of 13 new skyscrapers, and looks at the best buildings completing over the next year, including a Beijing skyscraper by Zaha Hadid Architects. Subscribe to Dezeen Mail ›

Introducing Hit The Ground Running: A Weekly Guide To Starting Your Career

For job seekers, the internet now resembles large family gatherings: It’s brimming with career advice that’s outdated, patronizing, or just bad. Meanwhile, applying for a job isn’t getting much easier. Just ask this guy, who ingeniously built a handful of bots to write customized cover letters for thousands of job postings, only to have his …

Davai Travel logo * LogoMoose – Logo Inspiration

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5 tips on creating stand-out social media advertising

It may seem like it’s been around forever, but social advertising is changing. Facebook ads have gone from static images to videos with high production values, computer animation, real actors and more, all in an incredibly short space of time.

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Meltz Chocolates

Creative Agency: Foxtrot Studio Graphic Designer, Art Director: Adrian Chytry Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Meltz Location: Warsaw, Poland Packaging Contents: Chocolate Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic Printing Process: Hotstamping Meltz Chocolates are crafted in Italy in Piedmont region that is famous from its small treasure – hazelnuts ( ‘Nocciola del Piemonte’ ).

Infographic: 10 Web Design Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2018 –

Some of these overlap with key graphic design trends for 2018 that were previously featured by DesignTAXI.

38 Packaging Designs That Feature Birds

In honor of National Bird Day tomorrow (January 5th) we picked out 38 different packaging designs that feature birds as design elements. From hens to parrots, to every bird in between, take a look at our picks below.

The Gorgeous 3D Interior ‘Rubik’ Worlds of Molistudio | Trendland

MOLISTUDIO is a 3D Art Direction and Design boutique, based in Buenos Aires. Founded by sensible, passionate storytellers with a whimsical take on the everyday. The award-winning team is, insistently, on the lookout for a deep color sense and a strong use of the metaphor.


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