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Plaque in Circulation: Deciphering Philadelphia’s Sidewalk Easement Markers – 99% Invisible

Philadelphia has been the backdrop for many key moments in American history and is thus home to a lot of monuments and markers.

Archer Farms Coffee Packaging Illustration by Tom Haugomat

Featuring this lovely series of illustrations for Target’s renowned Archer Farms Coffee by Collins. Designed by Paris-based illustrator Tom Haugomat

New Visualizations Show How London’s Skyline Will Look in 2026

The City of London has released new visualizations showing how its fast-changing skyline will look by 2026, as 13 schemes are currently under construction or due to begin construction in London’s Financial District. + 7 According to the city, 1.37 million square meters of office spaces are under construction in the city (as of September 2017), which will be able to accommodate as many as 85,000 workers.

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12 Knots Everyone Should Master – How Cold Is Too Cold For Pets? – S’up Spoon for shaky hands – Art Criticism Page Flags – and Google Cardboard VR Viewer &#821…

A Winter Walk with Thoreau: The Transcendentalist Way of Finding Inner Warmth in the Cold Season

“Human beings make metaphors as naturally as bees make honey,” Adam Gopnik wrote in his wondrous love letter to winter, and no one has honeyed the spirit with more splendid metaphors wrung from winter than Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817-May 6, 1862).

Torey Thornton at Moran Bondaroff (Contemporary Art Daily)

Contemporary Art Daily. A Daily Journal of International Exhibitions. | Artist: Torey Thornton Venue: Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles Exhibition Title: When you look in eyes you can only look into one at a time, unless you’re

Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Hideaway aka Earth’s Skellig Michael Island

Even if one has only seen the trailer for The Last Jedi, a glimpse at Luke Skywalker’s verdant, cliffy hideaway leaves an imprint. This remarkable, exotic destination-referred to in the film as Ahch-To-isn’t the product of digital effects. It’s actually…

Designer Tech | The Samsung Frame TV – copycatchic

Adding Samsung’s Frame TV to our living room | The new Frame TV looks like a piece of art instead of a TV making it the perfect accessory for the living room | copycatchic luxe living for less budget home decor and design

Incredibly Rare Frozen ‘Slurpee’ Waves Spotted On The Coast Of Nantucket

On January 2nd Nick Hayden and Jamie Briard got into their wetsuits and went out surfboarding. Their friend, photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, joined in with his camera in order to capture the crazy surfers enjoying this rare phenomenon of frozen, Slurpee-like waves.

aquasonic performance reveals world’s first underwater band

martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. are you knowledgeable about architecture? passionate about writing?

Design is fine. – Jensen Interceptor, GT sportscar, built between…

Jensen Interceptor, GT sportscar, built between 1966-1976. Great Britain. Design by Carozzeria Touring, Italy. Source

Minimalist PlusMinus Screwdrivers by Selek Design – Design Milk

PlusMinus is a set of minimalist screwdrivers by Selek Design that feature an oversized, paddle-like handle that easily fits into your hand.

Color Creature | Design Seeds

color creature } | image via: @arasacud

Beautiful Self-Portraits Of Lee Godie, A Homeless Artist Who Turned Bus Station Photobooths Into Her Private Studio From The 1960s

Lee Godie (1908-1994) was an American self-taught artist who found her passion in 1968. She began painting and selling her portraits of high society women until 1990. Godie lived on the streets, sleeping outdoors or in transient hotels. She could be seen sleeping outdoors in sub-zero temperat

Choosing A Typeface: How The Wrong Choice Can Hurt Your Brand

There’s a reason why companies pay thousands of dollars to branding consultants – it’s because aspects of your business, like the fonts you use, can have a larger effect than you might think on your bottom line. People are known to make snap judgments and move quickly from your material if there are issues like readability.

Joseph Joseph releases tool to help prevent “avocado hand” injuries

Kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph has launched a tool for cutting, de-stoning and slicing avocados – intended to make “avocado hand” injuries a thing of the past. Called GoAvocado, the 3-in-1 tool is designed to make the process of preparing an avocado as simple as possible.

4 Interior Design Optical Illusions That Really Make An Impact

If there’s one goal of interior design, it’s to make the most out of your interiors. Sometimes, the space you’re working with is ideally set up and all it takes is a few small tweaks. Other times, you need to consciously work toward changing the entire perception of the room.

2018’s best up-and-coming illustrators

At Digital Arts we love featuring fresh illustrators and their varied styles – whether it be polished line work, mixed media, 3D art or GIFs. With Spring soon to be upon is, it’s a great time to shed light on up-and-coming illustrators – so take a look at this talented bunch.

Maria Killam’s Trend Forecast for 2018; The Colour is Yellow

The colour for 2018 is yellow. The last time yellow was popular was in the 90s so it’s coming back. I have not been able to sell yellow for years even though it’s obviously my favourite colour. Yellow I was really happy to include it in a project I completed last year (below): See the full tour here.

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Sweet Kiss

Creative Agency: Dust Go Creative Label Design & Photography: Johnny Feelmore, Valantis Arsenios L. Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Argyrakis Wines Location: Veria Imathia, Greece Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper Printing Process: Screen printing, offset 3 varieties, 3 circles and a drop of wine.

Neo-Traditional Tattoos of “Pastel Gore” by Brando Chiesa

Italian tattooist Brando Chiesa calls his work “pastel gore,” and the description is so apt. His bold neo-traditional style is seeping with cotton candy pinks, mint greens, and lilac. Despite this subdued palette, the content of his work is grotesque. His imagery is often inspired by Japanese pop culture-including animated films by Hayao Miyazaki and…

Automático Is a Wine Inspired By Machines

“Automático is a wine with a minimal human intervention, which is ‘made by itself’, naturally. These words are from Carlos Lucas, the winemaker, which confirms the particular characteristics recognisable on this nectar. Thus, Carlos Lucas decided to call it ‘Automático’. M&A Creative Agency created the packaging label based on the ‘automatic’ mechanisms concept where the machine buttons are represented.



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