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10 Unexpected Things You Haven’t Thought to Frame as Art

Creating gallery walls or clustering posters together always packs a punch, but what if you’re tired of doing the same-old, same-old? Lucky for you, there are so many fun and unexpected things that you can frame that fall outside of vacation pictures and colorful prints.

Astoundingly Colorful Chilean Sunset Captured In Timelapse Photo Series

With over 10,000 followers, Juan Cristóbal Lara’s (@eljuancri) Instagram account has become a go-to photographic essay of Chile’s capital city, Santiago. His images show an urban area in which the giant Andes mountains, the city’s hills, and the Mapocho River are the stars of the show.

Submitted by Kevin Faingnaert / @kevinfaingnaert:…

Submitted by Kevin Faingnaert / @kevinfaingnaert: “I’m a documentary photographer from Belgium, focusing on subcultures and communities who are removed from the mainstream. For 2 projects in…

london-based rug brand shore rethinks poolside leisure

now being on show at the periscope gallery in tel-aviv, dov ganchrow’s ‘a love/hate thing’ acts as commentary on personal input to the local design scene over ” now being on show at the periscope gallery in tel-aviv, dov ganchrow’s ‘a love/hate thing’ acts as commentary on personal input to the local design scene over the past two decades.

Design is fine. History is mine. – Peter Knapp, 1/Sandra et les lunettes Courrèges…

Peter Knapp, 1/Sandra et les lunettes Courrèges pour Elle, 1965. 2/Suzanne Schön pour Courrèges, 1969-70. Via Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / emuseum

A Door Tones | Design Seeds

a door tones } | image via:

“Instant Life” By Florian Beaudenon Gives Bird’s Eye View Of Life

What do you do when no one is looking? How about your friends or family? Photographer Florian Beaudenon’s new series Instant Life takes a look at these questions, allowing us intimate views into people’s lives as they go about their daily activities.

Sculpture by Toru Kurokawa

Japanese artist Toru Kurokawa sculpts improbable liquid and biological shapes from a variety of ceramic materials. What begins life as a mere lump of clay, the artist molds and carves into artworks that appear like arrays of honeycomb, undulating coral, or dripping stalactites. Last year Kurokawa ha

Sosu Architects completes brick-clad multi-generational house in Seoul

Apartments for three generations of the same family are stacked inside this multi-storey house in Seoul, which features brick cladding that is perforated to create screens in front of some of the windows. Dongsimwon house is located in the South Korean capital’s densely populated Mok 2-dong, where poor quality multiplex buildings proliferate.

Queen Bloom logo * LogoMoose – Logo Inspiration

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Various Character Illustrations Made From Iconic Figures of Their Popular Cities by Federico Babina

One of our favorite illustrators, Federico Babina, is back with a fresh collection of drawings that takes us on a world tour. Adhering to his clear, graphic sensibilities, Babina exemplifies some of the most well-loved cities across the globe for his brand new string INKONICITY.

Stunning Pastel Trip to Morocco

It only took 10 days in Morocco to Maritina Laskaridou to capture a magnificent portrait of its city and inhabitants. Her series reflects on a peaceful and c

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// “ugly beautiful”

Drips, spikes, blobs, sploots and sparkly crystals. Yep, that can only l mean one thing… I got Texas based artist Dan Lam on the podcast! She {yes, Dan is a woman and we’ll get to that right off the top} is amazingly talented, hilarious, and just as sweet as her gorgeous color palette.

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