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Color Flora | Design Seeds

color flora } | image via: @c_colli

3 Things Super Organized People Do at Home that You Don’t

Each of us has personal feelings about cleaning and home keeping. But what remains remarkably similar across the board is the trouble spots that we all find tricky to solve. Which, by extension, means that those perpetually organized people who never seem to have the stuff explosions most of us fall prey to have found successful ways to address these very same sticking points.

House Between Trees / AS Arquitectura

28 Text description provided by the architects. The house is approximately 550 m2 located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. It is a contemporary house designed with the concept of spatial fluidity, always seeking the integration of exteriors and interiors through the creation of a central courtyard that links spaces and allows views to flow through it to the rest of the site that preserves endemic vegetation without alterations.


BØRNS feat. Lana Del Rey: God Save Our Young Blood The fourth track to be released from BØRNS’ soon-to-be released album Blue Madonna, “God Save Our Young Blood” features Lana Del Rey on backing-or more like accent-vocals. It’s a swirling, at times dreamy, synth-pop number that’s bright from start to finish.

Meet The Ukrainian Photography Duo Taking Nude Selfies To The Next Level

When thinking about nudes, you might imagine that shady snap you sent your bae last week or Kim K’s unapologetic mirror selfies. But these nudes by Synchrodogs take racy photos to a next level. Synchrodogs is a Ukrainian photography duo with a knack for producing artistic and thought-provokin

Product Of The Week: Cute Rechargeable Birds On A Branch Light

Check out this neat, rechargeable multi-purpose light shaped in the form of a pair of magpies with eggs. Included within are optical sensors that know when you are close by so that the light can turn itself on. Get it on Amazon .


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