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I maintain a digital visual diary in which most days I try to spend some time looking a visual design technique used in all types of medium.  I have a subscription to Press Reader which allows me to access hundreds of magazines from around the world.  Any design elements that I like I take screenshots and snippets from magazines or websites that I visit.

This morning I was reading Psychologies a French version of the favourite psychology magazine.   I do not understand or write French except on a rudimentary level which left me with being able to focus on the design and layout of the page that I was looking at.

Psychologies print layout example
Psychologies print layout example.

Some of the visual design tips that I picked up would work just as well in the digital environment.

Line element used to contain headings

Psychologies magazine screenshot
Snapshot of heading of article in Psychologies magazine

The double line rectangle border wraps the heading in a similar way that an organisation chart might work.  These elements work as the organisational chart is a universal visual communication tool.

Line element contains paragraph column

Column of text framed by horizontal line

A column of text is highlighted by the use of horizontal line with plunging corners that encourage us to visually complete wrapping the text.

Line controls flow and balance of page

This is a beautiful, clean layout the no. 4 incorporates the line concept of other pages in the magazine.  The no.4 has a dual purpose of positioning the other elements on the page as well as being apart of the heading.  Its dominating size and position make place its importance at the top of the visual hierarchy.


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