Photoshop – Correcting and enhancing digital photos

Photoshop | Correcting Images

Digital photography is not just for professionals.  Whether you have a collection of digital images amassed for various client or projects, using stock images you are going to need to develop the skill of refining, archiving and preserving for posterity.  Photoshop has a multitude of tools for importing, editing and archiving digital photographs.

About camera raw

Processing camera raw photos

Adjusting white balance and exposure


Applying sharpening

3 main file formats

JPEG The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) file format is commonly used to display photographs and other continous tone RGB images on the World Wide Web. JPEG formats retains all the colour information in an image but compresses file size by selectively discarding data. The greater compresseion, the lower the image quality, and vice versa.

TIFF The Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is used to exchange files between applications and computer platforms. TIFF is a flexible file format supported by virtually all file editing applications. Also virtually all desktop scanners can produce TIFF images.

PSD The Photoshop format (PSD) is the default format. Because of the tight intergration between other Adobe applications such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Muse can directly import PSD files and preserve many of the Photoshop features.

About file formats

Making shadow /highlight adjustments

Correcting red eye

Reducing noise

Sharpening edges


Creating a PDF portfolio



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