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These Rings Are Made From Gold Salvaged From E-Waste

In a previous incarnation, the gold used to make a new line of fine jewelry may have been part of a circuit board in your last phone or laptop. The gold is mined from e-waste collected in a national recycling program, turned into gold bars, and delivered to a jewelry manufacturer.


The Subterranean Housing and Studio Proposal Wins RIBA Competition

The RIBA have announced the winner of their competition in collaboration with the National Grid to give function to the sub-terrain voids left behind when the steel frame of a gasholder is dismantled. Outpost, the winning London studio, proposed a mixed-use scheme for a ring of four storey buildings descending into the well below.


Affordable housing and studio concept wins RIBA’s gasholder competition

London studio Outpost has won a contest seeking ideas for how disused gasholders could be repurposed across the UK, with its concept for a ring of affordable housing and workspaces. The plans show a row of gabled buildings surrounding a circular well, which would be left behind after the latticed steel frame of a gasholder had been demolished.


Half a pedal, twice the distance

You know how when you first learned to cycle, you had your mother or father give you a gentle push from the back as you pedaled forward? The Copenhagen Wheel is pretty much the same thing.


Why Ceramic Artists Are So Good at Dealing with Failure

Glazing, too, is notoriously tricky; if the coating is too thick or too thin, the desired results are impossible. Plus, chemical reactions between clay and glaze can cause things like “shivering,” when a glaze cracks and flakes off a piece’s surface.


R+P House / ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior

28 David Fernando Valdes Reynoso, Dario Casimiro Mixcoatl, Jorge Lara Text description provided by the architects. Located in a residential area in the northern part of Aguascalientes city, R+P house is developed for a family of 5, where 3 of them are pets. In an irregular fan shaped land and with a south-north orientation.


IKEA pregnancy test ad gives expectant mothers 50% OFF if they pee on it

martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. are you knowledgeable about architecture? passionate about writing?




Stefano Boeri Architetti’s Vertical Forest is the Very First to be Used in Social Housing

The new social housing project by Stefano Boeri Architetti is the first to integrate a vertical forest into an affordable residential skyscraper, improving the living conditions often incurred within such developments. 5,200 shrubs and 125 trees will be planted up the 75m tall structure in Eindhoven.


Ikea’s New Ad Is A Pregnancy Test You Pee On. Really.

“Peeing on this ad may change your life,” promises Ikea in a new print campaign. It may be the first time in advertising history that such a promise is actually an understatement. In a new print ad developed by the agency Åkestam Holst, expectant mothers are urged to urinate right on the paper.


How many dimensions are there, and what do they do to reality? – Margaret Wertheim | Aeon Essays

Writing away at my desk, I reach my hand up to turn on a lamp, and down to open a drawer to take out a pen. Extending my arm forward, I brush my fingers against a small, strange figurine given to me by my sister as a good-luck charm, while reaching behind I can pat the black cat snuggling into my back.


From Russia with Avant Garde Love

Russia, the largest country in the world by area, is better summed up by Fodor’s than me: “The grandeur of the Czars, the brutality of Soviet regime, the literary masterpieces baring the Russian soul, and the onion domes of the cathedrals all have captivated the imagination of generations of travellers.


if you hate folding clothes, FoldiMate will fold them for you into neat piles

designed to fit nicely in any room, FoldiMate can be placed anywhere in your house for a grand total of $980 USD.


Sony unveils man’s ‘new’ best friend (and more) at CES

Sony has been known to show up at CES with an upgraded version of what they released the following year…yawn…but this year, Sony means business. This year Sony is showcasing a pair of truly wireless headphones (WF-SP700N), a new portable speaker (SRS-XB41), a compact and elegant projector with magnificent sound (LSPX-A1) and a cute little surprise in the form of aibo, the robotic dog.


Harper’s Magazine May Try To Dox A Whistleblower-And Media Twitter Is Pissed

Earlier today, rumors began circulating on Twitter that a well-known magazine is planning to publish an article about the so-called “Shitty Men in Media” list. The list is a Google Doc that was created by anonymous women in media last October, and it provided other women with a space to warn about predatory men in the industry.


Dark Grey, White & Wood Tone Decor With Personal Flair

Dark grey just looks so sophisticated with a white and wood home decor scheme doesn’t it? The depth of hue works sharply against an icy white edge, and is effectively warmed by smooth natural tone. The quantity of dark accent colour used can affect the mood of a place.


The Moment This Child Enters The Bahama Waters, He’s Greeted By 4 Sharks

The prevailing wisdom, right or wrong, tells us that sharks don’t usually seek out humans, but rather only attack when they mistake a person for prey. Well, the film “Jaws” tells us that’s not true at all, and this aerial video seems to corroborate the fictional account more so than common knowledge.


A Sunny Micro Studio in Georgia

Name: Kelly Jackson Location: Atlanta, Georgia Size: 300 square feet “We bought this Eastlake-style Victorian home almost a year ago, right after we had a newborn baby (our second child, daughter Lucy),” writes Kelly Jackson.


The Identity Designed book, the definitive guide to creating visual identities

The Identity Designed book, to be published by Rockport in late 2018, will uncover the most valuable details about what it takes to create a compelling visual identity.


motoped’s cruzer motorized bicycle travels over 240 km on a single tank

the board track-inspired cruzer bike from motoped, comes outfitted with a spring-seat leather saddle, wooden fenders, and an accessory rack so riders can equip it for more than just the daily commute.


Sgnl watch strap lets you receive phone calls through your fingertips

Korean startup company Innomdle Lab has designed a smartwatch strap that allows users to receive phone calls by simply raising their finger to their ear. Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the Sgnl wristband can be worn on its own, or can replace a traditional watch or smartwatch strap to deliver fingertip communication.


Color Creature | Design Seeds

color creature } | image via: @colleentakesphotos




Color Element | Design Seeds

color element } | image via: @rotblaugelb


First Look At The adidas x ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Collaboration In Leaked Photos – DesignTAXI.com

Composite image by DesignTAXI A seven-piece adidas x Dragon Ball Z footwear collection is anticipated to debut in fall this year. Before an official announcement and photos are released, leaked images from Instagram account @seraphpy via @whatdropsnext have shed light on two possible designs from the collaboration.


fire foodies club by atelier bow-wow invites shenzhen’s urban fabric, UABB

atelier bow-wow celebrates street behaviour during the bi-city biennale of urbanismarchitecture in fire foodies club.


How To Teach Your Brain Something It Won’t Forget A Week Later

Of all the things you learned in school, chances are the right way tolearn wasn’t one of them. To make it through academic life, most of us opt for what psychologists call “massed practice,” better known as cramming: It’s Monday and your test is Friday, so you save studying for the night before.


Kodak’s pivot to crypto seems to be working out quite nicely

Here’s one way to inject some energy into a 129-year-old brand. Shares of Eastman Kodak more than doubled today after it announced a licensing partnership with Wenn Digital to launch a cryptocurrency aimed at photographers. The currency is called KodakCoin (of course) and will be part of a platform to help photographers and photo agencies …


The Repeal of Net Neutrality Could Harm Artists-Here’s How

This week, Democratic senators banded together to force a floor vote on potentially reinstating 2015 rules that protected “net neutrality,” the principle that internet service providers must treat all data transmission equally, without discrimination based on source or content, for example.


barack obama shares plans for presidential center in chicago

barack obama has shared further details of the obama presidential center (OPC), the designated library for the 44th president of the united states.


Diet Coke is given a new look that aspires to be “more gender neutral and diverse”

Diet Coke has announced the biggest product and marketing overhaul in its history. After 36 years, the company has launched a redesigned logo and is bringing out four new flavours: twisted mango, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and ginger lime.


Will Automation Affect Architects?

According to The Economist, 47% of the work done by humans will have been replaced by robots by 2037, even those traditionally associated with university education. While the World Economic Forum estimates that between 2015 and 2020, 7.1 million jobs will be lost around the world, as “artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human employees.”




The Network Uber Drivers Built

Cole* is a part-time Uber driver in Atlanta. On his first week on the job, he finds himself driving a passenger who has clearly had too many drinks. The passenger, a new arrival to the city, wants to know what to do and where to go, so Cole informs him of several tourist destinations.


bimobil’s mercedes-benz EX 435 adventure mobile travels across the toughest terrain

the german-manufacturer’s off-road camper van is a self-sufficient mobile home, ready to live off-the-grid


Housing pioneer Neave Brown dies aged 88 | Dezeen

Acclaimed architect Neave Brown, a “pioneer of quality public housing”, has died following a battle with cancer. Best known for the post-war housing he designed for north London, Brown is is the 2018 laureate of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal – an accolade he received in an unusually early ceremony in late 2017, due to his ill health.


How Drones Can Be Used in Architecture (And How To Use Them Without Breaking the Law)

Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, are gaining in popularity not only among the general public and consumers, but also among professionals working in the AEC industry. We’ve seen ambitious predictions for the use of drones on construction sites, as transportation vehicles and marketing tools.


Isobar Promotes Dave Meeker to Global Director, Emerging Technology

Digital agency Isobar promoted Dave Meeker to the role of global director, emerging technology, effective immediately. In addition to his current U.S. vice president responsibilities, Meeker will now be tasked with expanding Isobar’s global innovation and emerging technology offerings and managing global partnership relationships for emerging technology.


Guy Flies To Toronto To See His Long-Distance Girlfriend For The First Time, Later Illustrates Each Precious Moment

When you love someone, the distance between you is not an obstacle. Even crossing the Atlantic Ocean didn’t scare digital artist Simone “Simz” Ferriero – he made the trip all the way from Italy to Toronto in order to see his long-distance girlfriend for the first time.


Mediterranean Vibes with Blues and Greens in Manhattan

It is fairly safe to say that taking the entire aesthetic of one dreamy wedding location and practically replicating it in another equally dreamy wedding location can have an ample set of challenges. But when you have a superstar team of vendors, starting off with Anée Atelier, you say bring it on!

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