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Product Of The Week: A Hi-tech Coffee Table With Built In Refrigerator

Ever wished you could magically conjure up refreshments in your living room without that trip to the kitchen refrigerator? Look no further. Sobro’s coffee table does that and a lot more with its compact form and modern looks.


A visit to an American factory that’s been producing pencils since 1889

What a marvelous little photo essay by Christopher Payne and Sam Anderson about General Pencil, one of the last remaining pencil factories in America. Other parts of the factory are eruptions of color. Red pencils wait, in orderly grids, to be dipped into bright blue paint.


Spaceworkers commemorates Portuguese philosopher with installation

Architecture studio Spaceworkers has created an arched exhibition space in an old Portuguese church, to celebrate the life and legacy of philosopher and scholar Damião de Gois. Spaceworkers was commissioned by the Municipality of Alenquer to create the mini museum, as a permanent fixture inside a restored church in Alenquer, central Portugal.


Color Flora | Design Seeds

color flora } | image via: @fairynuffflowers


This Photographer Captured Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy-in Triumph and Tragedy

In the 1960s, Steve Schapiro captured some of the most inspiring (and chilling) images of the Civil Rights Movement-from Martin Luther King Jr. banding together with fellow activists during the historic Selma march to the image of his motel room just hours after his murder.


Wooden staircase twists through concrete and brick house in Mexico city

An ash staircase lined with a bookcase twists around an atrium in this family home in Mexico City by Tapia McMahon, which has been made from concrete and reclaimed brick. Called Cuernavaca House, the project was recently longlisted for the 2018 RIBA International Prize, which recognises new buildings around the world that exemplify the “meaningful impact” of good design.


david mesguich presents sculpted woman amidst riots in nantes, france

volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.


marc goodwin photographs architecture studios in beijing and shanghai

for the past few years, photographer marc goodwin has been documenting the workplaces of china-based architecture firms in beijing and shanghai.


nomadic homes: the mobile architecture movement

‘nomadic homes’ – a richly-illustrated and deeply detailed TASCHEN publication – delves into the mobile architecture movement.


C.F. Møller Wins Competition for Active-Learning School in Copenhagen

In May 2017, C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur’s interactive education design won the New Islands Brygge School competition. The new education facility sets up innovative, sustainable and active spaces for sixth to ninth grade students to participate in experience-based learning. + 24 The schools triangular shape, natural materials and colors derive from its urban context.


This Family Shares Strange Results Of Hilarious Photo Shoot

A Missouri family has shared the hilarious results from a ‘professional’ photo shoot that went horribly wrong. In May 2017, the Zaring family was contacted by a middle-aged woman who marketed herself as an experienced professional photographer. It wasn’t until months later that the photographer r


Check Out Whimsical Nurseries Inspired By Children’s Books

Here’s something fun; Budget Direct put together a series of imagined and extravagant nurseries inspired by writers. Now we’re certainly not suggesting you should run out to give your nursery a full Dr. Seuss makeover, because these rooms are certainly extra, but it is certainly fun to see how the trademark style of all of these authors translates into the rooms. They do offer suggestions for elements from each photo that could be pulled into a real nursery for a whimsical look.



Find your museum doppelganger

Some people have been lucky enough to find themselves in paintings at art museums. Now the Google Arts & Culture app lets you take a selfie and find your own art doppelganger. The results are kinds iffy — eve


Aguskim Studio designs family of celestial lights for Almerich

Spanish design practice Aguskim Studio has created a collection of lamps inspired by the full moon for lighting brand Almerich. Comprising a floor, table and suspension lamp, the minimalist Moon collection features hand blown opal glass globe diffusers, arranged in various compositions on brass, chrome or lacquered frames.



ian berry transforms last spool of denim into a secret garden of whimsy

volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.


The Spiritual Symbiosis of Architecture and Nature in Huangshan Mountain Village | Yatzer

Multi-storey apartment buildings are usually not what comes to mind when one thinks of serene retreats in scenic, picturesque environments and yet Chinese practice MAD Architects has created just that in the sloping, verdant shores of Taiping Lake in Huangshan District in eastern China’s Anhui province.


Arquidromo stacks white cubes to form Mexican house on angled plot

A cluster of white volumes rise above the dark concrete entrance of this house in Monterrey, which was designed by local studio Arquidromo. Cloud House is located on a rectangular plot that was formerly a public right of way in the Mexican city, and is oriented at at 45-degree angle to the street in front.


Villa in Herzliya Pituach / archiFETO

52 Text description provided by the architects. The size of the lot is approximately half a dunam; the area of the house is about 320 square meters. As soon as we saw the location – its proximity to the Herzliya sea – we immediately felt that the required design for the building’s envelope had to be clean and modern, while featuring facades resting on an old stone hill surrounded by water.


Xiezuo Hutong Capsule Hotel in Beijing / B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

37 Text description provided by the architects. The project is located in the core of old town Beijing. Close to Zhang Zi-zhong road, the ancient charm and modern style of the government add radiance and beauty to each other, which is incredibly fun. The building is connected by two courtyards.


Hiring Remote Workers Made My Entire Team More Productive

This is a phrase you’ll rarely hear at our office. It’s not that we don’t eat or spend time together, but it’s physically impossible for our entire team to be in the same place at the same time. Sixty percent of our team works remotely, so for us, grabbing lunch is, “let’s meet on Google Hangout.”


This Cat and Dog Duo Love Travelling Together And They Take The Best Pictures

Hikers Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had always imagined that they’d one day end up owning a golden retriever mix, at least that was until they came across their loveable dog Henry at an adoption event. In fact, Henry was pretty difficult to miss.


Do You Know This Amazon Price-Matching Trick?

We all know Amazon’s pricing fluctuates from day-to-day, making it hard to determine if we’re always getting the best deals the website has to offer. While most other major retailers offer price-matching refunds – i.e. they’ll refund you the difference if a product’s price drops within a certain amount of days – Amazon makes no such promises.


Sherif Adel – Barbatoze Comics – Cairo, Egypt/Tokyo, Japan

“What I find attractive about sequential art is the potential to tell your story the exact way that you envision it. In film, the story will be re-processed through the visions of the director, the script writer, the actors, etc., and often strays from its original state.


9 Custom Open Source File Upload Field Snippets

You can find amazing tools for improving web forms, ranging from UI kits to advanced jQuery plugins. But one of the toughest input fields to edit is the upload field….


Margot Krasojević Designs Self-Excavation Hurricane House

From futuristic architect Dr. Margot Krasojević comes an unheard of design solution for hurricanes called the Self-Excavation Hurricane House. By using the storms force and a helicoid retaining wall, the structure digs itself into its intentionally designed landscape. + 19 The residential program is held within a precast reinforced concrete superstructure frame.


This Week in Making: Build Your Own Speakers, Construct a Lightsaber, and More | Make:

Check out these PC speakers and amplifier that Chris Slyka recently built! The entire project was printed out and assembled over the course of three months. No idea as to their sound quality (can’t find a video of them working anywhere), but the amount of detail and craftsmanship that was put into the design is incredible.


Will Bamboo Ever Achieve Widespread Use in the Construction Industry?

After years of publishing projects and articles related to bamboo, we are strongly aware of its qualities as a construction material. But is it really an option that you would use into your next project? Despite widespread appreciation, bamboo seems to be a material that is rarely considered for use in everyday designs.


Italian Visa Center in Moscow / MEL | Architecture and Design

20 Text description provided by the architects. The plan was to create not only a modern and convenient visa center but also a multifunctional public space. The main slogan is “Italy starts here” and “here” stands for a small Italian cafe and an exhibition zone in the foyer wherein a waiting area one can also look through the magazines about art, design, and traveling.


Mu Architecture completes black lakefront home with two-storey boathouse

Canadian studio MU Architecture has integrated a lake house into a steep site in southern Quebec, overlooking a secluded bay and private boathouse. The Slender House comprises a two-storey rectangular volume built into a grassy slope, using masonry retaining walls to hold back the earth. Both floors have ground-level access due to the site’s incline.


10 Visually Stunning Cosmic Horror Films

In regards to the fear of the unknowable, there is no writer more influential today than H.P. Lovecraft. His stories saw humankind come into contact with beings older than time: sinister masses of tentacles whose very existence could drive someone completely mad. This was the birth of “cosmic horror”-that is, horror rooted in the idea…


anonyme studio fully covers a parisian building façade with plants

the anonyme studio’s project is located in paris. this residential building’s ground floors are deepened in comparison to the rest of the facade.


Mulan Weichang Vistor Centre / HDD

77 Weichang Kangyang Tourism development co.,ltd. Guoxun Wang, Yi Zhang, Yiweng Pu Chengde Jiacheng construction co., ltd. Management Qing Li, Guang Li, Xianfeng Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Long Bai Text description provided by the architects. Mulan weichang is located in the north east of Hebei province, connected to inner Mongolia grassland, which is one of the most beautiful landscape on the earth.


Voxman Music Building / LMN Architects

72 Text description provided by the architects. VISIONThe Voxman Music Building celebrates musical performance at every turn, embracing a collaborative and exploratory student-driven model of education that treats every space as performance space. The building shares this sense of musical discovery with the community through a transparent expression.


Tour a Crafter’s Colorful Modern Dutch Farmhouse

Name: Chantal Berkelmans, husband Pieter, their daughters Annabel and Lois Location: Eersel, the Netherlands Size: 6,458 square feet Years lived in: 5 years, owned (and self-built) For a long time Chantal believed she wasn’t creative or handy. She always felt envious of people who seemed to make the loveliest items (seemingly without much effort).


Centsational Style

By Kate Riley * January 14, 2018 Three day weekend greetings friends! It’s pretty gloomy here, lots of clouds and more rain to come. I’m going to clean my home office then snuggle up in my pajamas and start watching this show. Have you seen it? I’ve heard only good things.


Why Shower Curtains Are So Much Better Than Shower Doors

I’m old enough to remember a time when sliding shower doors were considered very innovative, and the height of bathroom fashion. When my family moved to Houston, in 1994, our new house had one, and to me that was a very big deal.


ian berry transforms last spool of denim into a secret garden of whimsy

volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.


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