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Book Review: Green Heart Marina One Singapore

Green Heart Marina One Singapore-Architecture for Tropical Cities by ingenhoven architects Aedes Architecture Forum, 2017 Paperback, 124 pages While in Berlin last November, ingenhoven architects’ “Green Heart” was on display at the Aedes Architecture Forum. Although I didn’t make it to the exhibition, I did manage to get my hands on the catalogue about the amazing Marina One project in Singapore.

Netflix Recommendations: Under an Arctic Sky

It’s been a little while since our last Netflix Recommendation, we have one for you now. It’s 40 minutes short documentary I watched last Sunday during a casual cold day in Canada.

Amazon Names 20 Cities as Finalists for New Headquarters

Amazon has announced the list of 20 finalists in the running to become the new home city for their highly hyped second headquarters, known as HQ2. The tech company, based in Seattle, selected the finalists from more than 238 applications from cities located in Mexico, Canada and the United States, each hoping to raise their global profile and jump start their individual economies with the 50,000 new jobs the company says it would create.

Ithualli House / Miró Rivera Architects

11 Juan Miró / Miguel Rivera / Alejandro Ibarra / Norma Rodríguez Michael Hsu / Caty Padilla / Ángel Jiménez / Sergio Reza / Efrén Adán / Daniela Díaz / Esaú Munguía Text description provided by the architects. Ithualli House is a modern residence in Monterrey, Mexico that was raffled off in a nationwide lottery to raise money for college scholarships.

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Photographs Tell the Stories of Forgotten Americans

Since the age of 17-when she shot her first photograph, using a 35mm camera, of her mother at a bar in her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania- LaToya Ruby Frazier has been documenting the dignity, hope, and perseverance of working-class black life in the midst of crisis and decline.

Simple Music Player, Table Setting Placemat, and SafeWander Bed Alarm

Until someone finds a cure to Alzheimer’s and dementia, we’re all going to have to deal with its effects on those we love. Here’s just three items geared towards improving a patient’s quality of life when cognitive tasks become difficult.

Influential Voices: An Interview with Artist Shantell Martin

Artist Shantell Martin describes her work as both spontaneous and algorithmic, and it’s this contradiction that I find really interesting. At first glance one might dismiss her marker drawings as childish doodles but allow her a moment to articulate her ideas and it’s clear her works aren’t simply naive fun; there’s a rich language in her line.

Brand New: The Eyes Have It

Opinions on corporate and brand identity work

“My Special Aflac Duck,” a Robot Companion for Children with Cancer

Insurance company Aflac and health research company Sproutel unveiled a robot duck companion at this year’s CES, made for children going through cancer treatment. More than just a plush toy, the animated robot features a chest sensor with a chemotherapy…

The perils of trademarking logos – Creative Review

There’s been quite a hoo-ha online about this week’s revelation that the new Formula 1 logo, unveiled last November at the Abu Dhabi grand prix, looks remarkably similar to that used by a 3M brand of, er, compression tights.

Sexist Vintage Ads Get Made Over With Reversed Gender Roles, And Some Men Will Not Like The Result

While the image of a working mother and wife doesn’t surprise anyone these days, back in the 1950’s it was an odd occurrence. Women more often than not tended to stay at home and look after the kids and the house.

mathieu lehanneur presents ’50 seas’ exhibition at christies in paris

boex’s reusable design means customers can rest at ease knowing their purchase is not contributing to global plastic pollution. boex’s reusable design means customers can rest at ease knowing their purchase is not contributing to global plastic pollution. the pair presents DELAKTIG, an aluminium platform inviting customers to create their own furniture solution.

Trapeze Pendant by Jette Scheib for Oblure – Design Milk

German designer Jette Scheib found inspiration from childhood visits to the circus when it came time to design her recently launched Trapeze pendant for Swedish brand Oblure.

Color Collect | Design Seeds

color collect } | image via: @caroline_south

5 important things that happened this week: 15-21 January 2018

The Guardian redesigned in print and online, we spoke to Pentagram partner Michael Bierut and research found young people want creative jobs – the news from the last seven days. Newsstands were awash with The Guardian’s new print newspaper this week, as the national ditched the classic Berliner format for tabloid.

#HerWhite: Gorgeous Black And White Beauty Photography By Dmitry Bocharov

Dmitry Bocharov is a talented photographer and filmmaker from Khabarovsk, Russia who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Dmitry focuses on fashion, he shoots amazing beauty, glamour and editorial photography. Every woman have her own “white”. “White” – that makes her att

sou fujimoto + laisné roussel design buildings for ‘destination meridia’

sou fujimoto and laisné roussel form part of a team led by lambert lénack, which has been selected to build ‘destination meridia’, a neighborhood in nice.

Wang & Söderström Phygital Art

When digital meets physical anything can happen and Stokholm based duo Anny Wang & Tim Söderström managed to push their screen art into the real world “Transitional Speculation is Wang & Söderström’s first major exhibition in Stockholm and “is the first time where we have a platform whe

Codex Silenda: wooden mechanical book of puzzles and brainteasers | DesignFaves

For some, reading a book is already a rewarding and indulging pastime. But throw in some puzzles and it’s a whole different mix of fun. The Codex Silenda is a 5-page book of puzzles laser-cut from real wood. But it’s not the simple kind.

Architecture students install bright orange stage below Miami transit station

Students and faculty at the University of Miami’s architecture school constructed a performance venue from a series of orange poles underneath the city’s Brickell MetroRail station. The temporary Brickell Stage was designed and erected by a group from the university, and hosted a range of free outdoor performances that included music, comedy and poetry.

Dine in a Bamboo Forest at This Ultra-Private New Restaurant in China

There are some restaurants you frequent solely for the food, with no other expectations in mind, and some that offer a more engaging sensory experience. You wouldn’t expect candlelight and an impeccably suited maitre d’ at a place like Taco Bell, but the more avant-garde the cuisine – and …

Fine Lines and 100 Hours: Leila Walter’s Absorbing Drawings – Elle Decoration

Cape Town-based artist Leila Walter’s Monologue series of drawings expresses continuity between the lines and forms of cityscapes. The meditative detail of the 16 works, which document public spaces from various cities around the world, is an exercise in finding pause in the commonplace.

The Curious Relationship Between Herb Lubalin and Coca-Cola

In November of 1964, Fact magazine, published by the controversial editor Ralph Ginzburg, ran a scathing criticism of Coca-Cola company. The cover of the issue neatly summarizes the basic thesis of the piece: No news to the health-conscious reader today (apart from that last point), but

A Photographer Frames Ordinary People in Stunning and Vibrant Patterns

Photographer Helena Georgiou captures subjects that are often overlooked as we all go about our everyday lives. Her impressive portfolio features many portraits of people that we’d probably pass on the road without another glance. Using vibrant colors and replicating patterns, these people-a few front and center, other obscured-are styled with their environment.

Stunning Brutalist Architecture Pictures

Lyon-based photographer Jordan Prot, captured the essence of his neighbourhood, la Part-Dieu, through the Maurice Ravel Auditorium in Lyon. This landmark of br

Sublime Pictures of Winter Poetry in Quebec

François Ollivier is an artist living in Montreal. In this series entitled “Frozen”, he attempts to recreate in images the special atmosphere of Quebec winters, reputed to be particularly harsh. The landscapes buried under the snow are surrounded by a pink halo which gives the photos an almost ominous poetry, but imbued with a cottoneous dream.

Miquel Muerto – Barcelona, Spain

“You don’t have to do a 200-page graphic novel. You don’t have to imitate anyone you admire – they and their work already exist. Start from the bottom: short, weird, imperfect. It’s okay to draw bad comics. You have to let it go when the fail comes, you are probably no genius, but maybe you have something to say.

Spectra Lighting Catalogue Design by

Polish studio designed this sleek catalogue for Spectra Lightning, a company specializing in professional design and sale of lighting products. “Our task was to create a catalogue promoting and presenting the company. The catalogue reflects the brand’s values and aspirations, as well as promoting and positioning the company in the lighting market accordingly.

Brexit Stamps

After British MP Andrea Leadsom called for the Royal Mail to issue a postage stamp commemorating Brexit, some people who are not entirely in favor of leaving the EU have posted their best efforts at a stamp design on Twi

The 2018 Visual Trends You Need To Know About

Digital Arts 2017 may have been the year of adopting new visual trends – greenery, authenticity, Hygge for example – but our increased desire to seek solitude, worlds that are not our own and realism are all part of what’s expected in design, photography, fashion and homeware trends in 2018.

Patisserie Rhubarbe Branding – Mindsparkle Mag

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe based in Montreal offers high quality pastries, cakes and confectionery as well as their own spreads and cereals.

Gallery & Co.

Creative Agency: Foreign Policy Photos: Jovian Lim Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Singapore Gallery & Co is the of…

in the kitchen with rachel khoo. / sfgirlbybay

this is such a cheerful, almost kitschy kitchen, isn’t it? it definitely has those retro vibes with the pea-green backsplash tiles by Milagros, a Mexican tile shop on London’s fabulous Columbia Road and deVOL cabinets , peppered with vintage-inspired cooking accouterment adorning simple shaker shelving.

These Cookies Come With Fun Eye-Catching Packaging

“Nina cookies come in three flavors: Blondies (vanilla), Chocolate Bliss (cacao and chocolate) and Lemon & Ginger, all made with organic integral sugar and free of: gluten, dairy, refined sugar, artificial additives, preservatives, colorants and hydrogenated fats.”

Fashion Photography by Kate Bellm

Fashion Photography by Kate Bellm. Category: Photography, Fashion. Photographer: Kate Bellm. Location: Berlin

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