7 Inspirational Illustration Collections

inspirational illustrations

Enjoy an eclectic array of international illustrators.  Check out their work published for use in digital and print media.  A collection of illustrations for posters, flyers, magazines, books, animations and video games.

Illustrations by Fago Studio

Fago Studio is a multidisciplinary agency based in Nantes, France. They mainly specialize in illustration and art direction. After countless hours of brainstorming, they produce meaningful and emotional artworks for various brands and magazines. A small selection of work can be found below.

Strange Illustrations of Robots, Devils, Fire-Breathing Witches, and Weapons of War from 1420

The Devil and all his internal works. There’s an episode of South Park where Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny try out different routines only to find “The Simpson’s Already Did It.” Looking at the illustrations of technological inventions by fifteenth-century Venetian physician, engineer, and alleged “magus,” Johannes de Fontana, (ca.

Revel in the many strands of Oscar Grønner’s skillful illustrations

“It’s hard for me to say exactly how my style has changed,” Oslo-based artist Oscar Grønner muses. “But I can see a difference from earlier work. I feel that I have many styles. I get bored of doing the same thing over and over and I like to explore new ways of doing things.

Paul Windle creates illustrations as if he’s following a recipe

One of Paul Windle’s illustrated gifs is a bit of a portal into his introduction to the arts. Titled _You Red to Shred?_ it begins with a normal office shredder before a skateboarder tootles over and then someone jumps up and shreds on the guitar. “My interest in illustration came through skateboarding,” the illustrator explains.

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works

David Shrigley has given the walls of London restaurant Sketch a fresh coat of satire with an exhibition of 91 new works. The new set replaces his own vast collection of 239 black and white drawings, which previously hung on “The Gallery”:https://sketch.london/venue_Gallery_David_Shrigley.php?menu=1#gsc.tab=0 – a section of the restaurant – walls since its launch in 2014.

Animal Illustrations by Braca Burazeri

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Anthony Summey – Summey Illustration – Clemson, USA

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “It’s the ability to tell stories through images. Before we had the written word, we used cave paintings and other images to communicate ideas to one another. It just feels like the most instinctive and universal way to communicate a story – through a sequence of images.”


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