Best photography galleries for Saturday the 27th of January 2018

photo galleries saturday 27th of January 2018

Some of the best-curated content on the web comes in the weekly photo galleries produced by news websites from around the world.  It is about inspiration, photography some of the best daily photography content. Enjoy;

Blade Runner-style photographs capture Tokyo’s infrastructure

Australian photographer Tom Blachford waited until night to capture these neon-tinted photographs of Tokyo’s metabolist buildings, which he says could have been built in a “distant future”. For his latest series, Blachford was influenced by the futuristic appearance of the country’s post-war modernist architectural movement, metabolism – pioneered by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

Rise above: the best city drone photography on Instagram

Jeryl Teo got a drone last April – a 12-megapixel Mavic Pro, with a maximum flight time 27 minutes, control range of over four miles and price tag of about £730. That marked the start of his exploration from above, he says. “Since then, I’ve not once left home to shoot without my drone in my backpack.”

Urban Photography by Tatsuto Shibata

Fascinating captures by Tokyo-based photographer Tatsuto Shibata, aka Deepsky. “Combining drone photos, architecture and street photography, Deepsky captures urban landscapes with a lot of talent, but also the scenes of life in these great cities.” More photography inspiration via Ufunk

Hennie van Heerden: Photography in the Wild

In 2010, she quit her job of thirteen years as assistant to the CFO of an international holding company and decided to do what truly made her happy. Now she travels the world with her fellow photographers each taking turns picking the next country. Jealous yet? Don’t be!

The Expansive “Paradiso”: Ryan McGinley’s New Photographs @ Ratio 3, San Francisco

Ryan McGinley has an expansive, painterly approach to photography. Not so much lifestyle as its a representation of a particular kind of youthful energy and literal natural beauty, McGinley almost thinks like a painter; turning the American terrain into a work of art.


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