Best photography galleries for Monday the 29th of January 2018


Photography galleries
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Some of the best-curated content on the web comes in the weekly photo galleries produced by news websites from around the world.  It is about inspiration, photography some of the best daily photography content. Enjoy;

An Exploration of West America by Paul Sisson

The Not so far from here series is a privileged way for photographer Paul Sisson to illustrate his discovery of the West-American landscape, sometimes colorful

Street Photographer Travels The World Portraying Very Different Personalities Of Dogs

London-based photographer Alan Schaller is mostly known for his surreal, high contrast black and white photography that portrays “the realities and diversities of human life.” However, people are not the only subject that this street photographer aims to reveal through his works. This ongoing projec

Natural Light Glamour Photography By Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverde aka djtirro is a talented 30-year-old self-taught photographer and dj, who was born in Allentown, PA and currently based in Miami, Florida, US.

Dynamic Images of Hong Kong At Night

James Wong, a Canadian in Hong Kong, demonstrates just how photogenic the city is in this dynamic series. Wong captures the side streets and areas, taking us away from the well-known landmarks in favour of showing us the “real” Hong Kong.

Photoessay: Tokyographic

In a city with a very high visual density – any sort of design has to shout quite loudly in order do differentiate itself and stand out. There are two ways of doing this: be more retina-searing than the next object, or be so plain as to create a sort of hole in space.

Facades: Unsettling photos of isolated houses at dusk | DesignFaves

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy strips buildings of everything but their front faces. As part of his ongoing series, Facades, Gaudrillot-Roy captures small homes, boutiques, and mansions at dusk. The structures are left with only their front facing facades, brightly lit by street lamps and scattered daylight.

50 years of circus photography – in pictures

The year 2018 is the 25oth anniversary of the creation of the circus, and Peter Lavery has been photographing behind the scenes across the UK for 50 years. His fascination is with the disparity between the glitz of the shows and the ordinariness backstage.

Photography exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts shows the beauty of family

BOSTON – Families are the subjects of countless films, plays and books, but not usually of photography exhibits. That makes the Museum of Fine Arts’ “(un)expected families” particularly interesting and thought-provoking. “It’s foremost a show about photographers’ definition of family, but it’s also about how there’s no single definition of family,” said curator Karen Haas.


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