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Tuesday, 30th of January 2018

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I took a trip to Chernobyl’s exclusion zone and photographed it in infrared – DIY Photography

We always hear praises of the might of Mother Nature, how it renders useless mans’ creations, and bears life above the ruins. Well, it’s something that is always felt, but never on such a huge scale. This place IS the place for these contrasts. It’s pretty hard to describe the overall atmosphere I experienced during …



After Four Months, Much of Puerto Rico Still Dark and Damaged

Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico in late September of last year, and residents are still struggling to regain their footing. Approximately 450,000 of Puerto Rico’s 1.5 million electricity customers are still without power, and those who do have electricity suffer frequent blackouts.


The winning photos from Nat Geo’s Nature Photographer of the Year contest

The 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contestants have really pulled out the big guns this year with some incredibly awe-inspiring photos. Nat Geo judges have sifted through the 11,000 entrants to select the crème de la crème of the nature photography world.


Fumi Homma’s photographs will make you long for your early teenage years

Japanese, London-based photographer Fumi Homma has a photographic eye that would fill anyone with nostalgia for their early teens, portraying that adolescent feeling with poignant merit. Mostly captured in the golden hour of an early evening, you can easily imagine the teens featured are in those joyful few hours during the summer months where you’ve finished school for the day, but you’re not expected home for dinner yet.


Outstanding Winners of the 2018 Black + White Photographer of the Year Competition

Photography by Seth Sebastian 3.8k Views Celebrating the very best of monochromatic photography, Black+White Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) competition has given the winners of this 2018 contest. The biennial competition is organized by Black+White Photography Magazine in partnership with Fujifilm and is open to amateur and professional photographers.


Photographer Jonathan Higbee Discovers A World Of Coincidence On The Streets Of New York

For over a decade, photographer Jonathan Higbee has walked the streets of New York with a camera in-hand, spotting extraordinary juxtapositions and unusual moments when the world aligns for a split second in front of his lens. At times he manages to completely erase the boundaries between manufactur


Marvelous Beauty And Lifestyle Portraits By Consuelo Sorsoli

Gorgeous female portraits by Consuelo Sorsoli, young photographer, retoucher and filmmaker currently based in Arco, Italy. Consuelo focuses on portraiture, she shoots vibrant fashion, glamour, beauty and lifestyle portrait photography. Sorsoli uses Sony A7rII camera. More info: Instagram, Faceboo


Photographer Spends 12 Years Taking Pictures Of This Window, Right Up Until Its Final Moment

Not all of us can enjoy seeing stunning sceneries when looking out our windows, but in some cases, even a brick wall with a window can be worth paying attention to.


Colourful Odd Juxtapositions by Photographer Maciek Jasik

A colourful series of odd juxtapositions by New York City-based photographer Maciek Jasik. See more from Jasik’s “Food Future” project below.


IN PICTURES: Photography enthusiasts capture breathtaking nature in Saudi cities

A number of photography enthusiasts took some pictures of the breathtaking nature in the Huroob province in Jazan during their visit to these sites and mountains. Mostafa al-Sahloly is one of those photographers who is adamant about documenting the natural landscapes in Huroob.


Michael Schwartz Photography

Michael Schwartz actually started his career in the fashion industry as an agent. Later on, he decided to follow his dream of capturing both still and moving images. His main inspiration comes from cinema. Michael told us: “Funny enough, I went to school at Emory University in Atlanta where I studied Violence Studies and was considering a career in the FBI out of college.


Photographer Tom Skipp documented an annual peace march in Bosnia

When he found himself living in Kigali, Rwanda while art directing _Ni Nyampinga_ a magazine for an NGO, east London-based graphic designer, art director and photographer Tom Skipp was struck by the impact of genocide on the Rwandan people. In an unlikely twist, the experience ended up taking Tom to Bosnia on a photographic voyage to Bosnia.


Chromatics: Liquid Photography by Marcel Christ

Amsterdam-based artist and photographer Marcel Christ plays with oil and water to create these mesmerizing compositions. “This project is a study of the behaviour of oil and water.



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