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Tuesday, 30th of January 2018

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Peerless Coffee is a Bay Area Favorite With a Sophisticated New Look

“Peerless Coffee is one of the oldest coffee purveyors in California and a true Bay Area institution. Founded by John Vukasin in 1924, the business is now in its third generation of continual family operation.

Porto Ferreira | Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design

Wes Craig – Montreal, Canada

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. And I love finding new ways of using the format, experimenting and trying to make it a unique experience.”

The Most Gorgeous Birthday Cakes

Adi Klinghofer is a young baker who specializes in extremely delicate and personalized birthday cakes. Whether they’re shaped like numbers or letters to your name, these very fine compositions are mesmerizing to watch. Try not to drool too much over them, and head to Adi’s stunning Instagram account for more.

Triad’s Omoshiro Block Reveals Exciting Pieces of Japanese Architecture to You as You Take Notes

A new stack of notepaper is taking the stationery world by storm. A company from Japan – a country known to produce more than it’s fair share of stationery – has recently released an inventive new breed of post-it called the “Omoshiro Block,” which translates to something along the lines of …

Marvelous Beauty And Lifestyle Portraits By Consuelo Sorsoli

Gorgeous female portraits by Consuelo Sorsoli, young photographer, retoucher and filmmaker currently based in Arco, Italy. Consuelo focuses on portraiture, she shoots vibrant fashion, glamour, beauty and lifestyle portrait photography. Sorsoli uses Sony A7rII camera. More info: Instagram, Faceboo

Photographer Spends 12 Years Taking Pictures Of This Window, Right Up Until Its Final Moment

Not all of us can enjoy seeing stunning sceneries when looking out our windows, but in some cases, even a brick wall with a window can be worth paying attention to.

Colourful Odd Juxtapositions by Photographer Maciek Jasik

A colourful series of odd juxtapositions by New York City-based photographer Maciek Jasik. See more from Jasik’s “Food Future” project below.

Stylish Motion Design for Linkedin Profinder

Linkedin Profinder is a service provided by Linkedin that helps local businesses hire top freelance professionals. Together we crafted this visual direction and narrative that would live across a variety of platforms.

The 3 Most Important Interior Design Rules You Need To Remember

Whether you’re just starting out in the interior design world or you’ve been here for longer than you can remember, there’s one thing we can all agree on: sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. With that sentiment in mind, today we’ve brought you three interior design rules that will totally transform the way you tackle the rooms in your home.

19 Lighting Combos + The Rules of Lighting – Emily Henderson

Pulling together the lighting scheme for a room is hard, confusing and often quite overwhelming. Hence why there are companies and designers that solely focus on the lighting in a home or property. Think of it like picking out an outfit without actually being able to try on the clothes first.

Color Letter | Design Seeds

color letter } | image via: @rotblaugelb

One-Liner Design Advice From Lead Creatives –

“Remember to design for the user… not yourself… not your client.”

The Urban Haus Christmas Packaging

Designer: The Urban Haus Design Dept. Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Montevideo, Uruguay Packaging Contents: Clothing Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Printing Process: Offset The Urban Haus is an apparel brand based in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Creative Agency: Estúdio Zingoni Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Papelaria Ciranda Location: Pirapora, Brasil Packaging Contents: Papers Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and Cardboard Printing Process: Digital printing Ciranda is a traditional stationery from the small town of Pirapora – Minas Gerais.

Design: Stick to These Best Practices of Page Navigation

A lot of people have experimented with the design of the page navigation. By now, we can make clear recommendations on best practices, while it still comes down to the individual case, however. The so-called menu we use for the page navigation can be placed in a variety of spots and can look entirely different depending on the website.

4 Tips to Improve Your Design Portfolio – DESK Magazine

This article was originally posted as a guest article by Tobias van Schneider on CreativeBloq. If you’re creating a design portfolio, it’s safe to assume you know at least the foundational rules of good design. Yet when we work in isolation on our own portfolio, it’s easy to forget the common rules we would apply to …

Turn Pillows Into ‘Corgis’ With Cute Covers That Keep You From Feeling Dog-Tired –

Had a ruff day? You can now take comfort in kicking off your slippers and lazing around in bed with some ‘corgis’-sans the yapping and feeding. Japanese novelty brand YOU + MORE! injects humor in the most mundane of everyday items. You’ll take delight in its ‘penguin’ floor wipe covers, ‘bunny’ storage bags, and scratch-and-sniff cards that smell like the bellies of dogs and cats.

Space Guy Môquet / Oeco architectes

25 Text description provided by the architects. Espace Guy Môquet is a mixed equipment gathering a leisure centre, a dance hall and collective accommodation. The project’s ambition is to attract young people in this new space made for them. The project, located at the entrance of the city, looks massive and attractive thanks to its shape and materials.


teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown. Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium size businesses. Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment


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