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Wednesday the 31st of January 2018

Exploding volcano
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Photos From a Slowly Modernizing Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan, nestled between China and India, is a deeply traditional nation, and has been slow to adopt modern development. A country-wide ban on television and the internet was only lifted in 1999, and only after the previous king abdicated power in 2006 did the nation have its first parliamentary elections.


This photographer turns his models into iconic people, and resemblance is stunning – DIY Photography

For the past two years, French photographer Etienne Clotis has worked on a project named ICONIC. This interesting series of photos depicts the iconic people: musicians, painters, actors, fashion designers and many others who marked their era. With great fashion designer and make-up artist, Etienne turns his models into these people, and the resemblance is …


Radically Unusual Caterpillars Captured by Photographer Igor Siwanowicz

Scientist and photographer Igor Siwanowicz (previously) has made a name for himself documenting the phenomenal range of shapes, colors, and structures of creatures in the natural world. His many images of unique caterpillars include wild variations like feathery blue spikes, curling burnt-orange hor


Amazing Double-Exposure Portraits of Man and Beast

Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez are the duo behind Helmo, a French design studio that have been in the creative scene since 2007. Involved in various branches of graphic design, Helmo approaches each project with a unique, playful and highly effective manner.


Maela Ohana Investigates the Space Between Dusk and Dawn

In her night photography series “Night Shade,” Maela Ohana records the lives of flowers at night.


“Colorful & Cinematic”: The Impressive Photo Artworks Of James Zwadlo

Colorful, cinematic and strong vibes. Get to know the work of graphic designer and photographer James Zwadlo. “I love exploring new countries, bright colours, new cities, cultures. Back home it’s the simple things, like hanging with my friends and I also get a kick from working on projects I’m ex


I’ve Colourised These 100+ Year Old Photos Of American Child Labour, And Here’s The Result

There is work that profits children, and there is work that brings profit only to employers. The object of employing children is not to train them, but to get high profits from their work – Lewis Wickes Hine (1874-1940) Lewis Wickes Hine was an American sociologist and photographer, whose work was instrumental in changing child labour laws in the United States.


Challenges and triumphs in Yangon urban photography | Coconuts Yangon

Yangon may be better-known for red spit than for symmetry or skylines, but that hasn’t stopped young urban photographers from seeking its hidden beauty. “Either you love Rangoon, or you’re wrong,” reads a caption written by Kaung Htet Zaw under an Instagram photo of Sule Pagoda that he posted in late 2016, back when he was first developing his style as an urban photographer.


Arcin Sagdic, the photographer inspired by “philosophical, mathematical physical scripts”

Berlin and London-based photographer Arcin Sadgic defines himself through the passion which arcs through the images he creates for the likes of XimonLee, _Numero Homme Berlin_, _Pylot_, _L’Officiel Ukraine_ and many more besides. “I take my inspiration from philosophical, mathematical physical scripts that I read,” he tells It’s Nice That.


Fascinating Phenomenon of Light Pillars in the Extreme North

Canadian photographer Ray Majoran has always been fascinated by night photography, and one of his amazing snaps has been that of light pillars caused by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Common in the extreme north, this phenomenon has a distinct X-Files vibe to it, simultaneously spooky and fascinating.


Photography by Jonas Hafner

Photography by Jonas Hafner. Category: Photography. Photographer: Jonas Hafner. Location: Hamburg, Germany


Perspective | Beyond ‘The Scream,’ painter Edvard Munch experimented with photography

Though his face is perhaps more recognizable when rendered in paint, Norwegian artist Edvard Munch was also interested in using photography for self-portraiture. Among some of the earliest artists in history to turn a camera on himself, Munch was not married to technical form.


Flickr Heroes of the Week

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are: ‘Deep Green’ by Can Tuçer on Tumblr and Twitter & ‘Nice to Meet You’ by Paul Chanon on Facebook and Google+ Interested in having your photo featured as a cover image on our social media pages? Join the Flickr Heroes group!



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