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Thursday, 1st of February 2018

mastering the art of the pixel


2,000 Days on Mars With the Curiosity Rover

It has now been just more than 2,000 days since NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. In the days (or “sols,” as they are called on Mars) since its complex sky-crane touchdown, Curiosity has made countless discoveries with multiple instruments, including drills, lasers, and an array of imaging instruments that so far have sent 468,926 images back to Earth.


We Love This Bold Packaging and Branding Concept For Adidas Superstar’s 50th Anniversary

“In 2019, Adidas celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Superstar with the ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ campaign. This campaign is a tribute to influential figures that Adidas and the Superstar had been a part of or been influenced by.



Stella Murphy’s psychedelic and Viz-inspired illustrations

Upon looking at Stella Murphy’s work with no context or background information, all starts to make sense when the London-based illustrator starts to name her influences. From artistic references like the Chicago Imagists, psychedelic underground print presses from the 70s, _Oz_ magazine, Alan Aldridge’s work and quite rightly _Viz_ magazine for its black comedy, the humour, colour palette and illustrated voice Stella has drawn out for herself is both recognisable and fresh.


40 Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and calming on the eye and is therefore a great style by which to design a bathroom scheme. Simplistic lines lend themselves to a clean environment and being in an uncluttered space is perfect for starting the day with a clear head, or to unwind in before sleep.

Assistant Professor Of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Creates Amazing Precise Metallic Replicas Of Ancient Fossils And Cells

By day, D. Allan Drummond is Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago, where he runs the Drummond Lab. After hours, his interest in evolution and cellular structure takes a different, tangible form. Drummond constructs exacting replicas of creatures from t


Design You Trust

Sandro Miller, Dorothea Lange / Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936), 2014 Renowned photographer Sandro Miller has worked together with legendary Hollywood A-Lister John Malkovich many times, but when Miller wanted to celebrate the photography greats that had inspired and guided him, he had to do something special.


Pentagram’s Angus Hyland on Mills & Boon’s new look

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A Beautiful Solution: UK, Switzerland Experiment With Using Strips of Wildflowers as Natural Pesticides – Core77

Pesticides are bad for humans, and they’ve been linked to everything from birth defects to cancer. They’re not much better for the environment: In “Sustaining the Earth,” textbook author G. Tyler Miller–the man who literally wrote the book on environmental science–points out that over 95% and 98% of sprayed herbicides


Outdoors Template | Codrops

An implementation of Gil Huybrecht’s “Outdoors” design project powered by layered CSS grids. Today we’re very excited to share an experimental implementation of one of Gil Huybrecht’s designs with you. Gil creates fantastic signature designs with amazing animations and he kindly permitted us code up one of his works.


9 Innovative Projects Tackling the Unexplored Realms of Sea and Space Win Jacques Rougerie Competition

Nine visionary projects focused on living within the relatively unexplored terrains of sea and space have been selected as winners of the 2017 Jacques Rougerie international architecture competition. Established in 2011, the competition aims to foster the creativity of young architects by challenging them to complete “innovative, audacious and promising projects” that imagine new methods of sustainable development within the realms of sea and space.


KIDS DESIGN – asda ss18 girls

I’m featuring childrenswear patterns and placement prints this week and today it’s the turn of George at Asda . I’ve been into their store to see what is currently available for girls and found this bold and sketchy floral (above & below) that featured on coats, tops, and dresses.

These Boldly Packaged Truffles Are Nothing But Pure Magic

“Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer at BrandOpus says, ‘Willie’s passion for chocolate is unparalleled and his most recent creation is the most decadent yet. The mystical creatures we illustrated are the perfect embodiment of the extravagance.’ Harriet Rhys-Williams, Marketing Director, Willie’s Truffles says ‘Willie’s Truffles were entering a crowded category.

La Sola is a Fun and Whimsical Pasta Packaging Concept

“La Sola Pasta is a unique line of pasta packaging designed to ameliorate the difficulty of properly portioning dry pasta, thus lowering potential food rot and waste, as well as engaging an audience of ‘non-foodies’ and inspiring pride in cooking-and eating-alone.”

Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman Rapping In This Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Is Gold –

This could possibly be one of the best Super Bowl commercials this year.


Oliver Jeffers Animal Tattly Tattoos

Yesterday team Tattly launched a Wildlife Set with designs by Oliver Jeffers. I can’t handle the cuteness! The illustrations are pulled from Oliver Jeffers’ books, including his latest, Here We Are, which debuted as #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. That Orangutan won my heart! Which one gets your thumbs up?


Orange Is The New Black and Blue – Print Magazine

Last week, the creative agency Wieden+Kennedy announced its latest gallery collaboration, with renowned Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez. Coinciding with his latest cover of TIME Magazine, the show, titled “Agent Orange,” focuses on the artist’s political works, timed with the one-year anniversary of Trump in office.


Butterflies on the walls by street artist Mantra

France-based street artist Mantra has been unveiling a series of trompe l’oeil murals that convert the facades of commercial and residential buildings into larger-than-life butterfly display cases in Spain, Austria, France, and Bogota. Seen here are a few pieces from the last year, but yo



Uijung Kim Illustration

Uijung Kim , originally from South Korea now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Uijung studied Art and Design at Gunsan University, South Korea and illustration at the College for creative studies in Detroit, MI, USA.


Digital Tattoos by Billelis

“A series of 3D illustrations inspired by traditional tattoo patterns. Tattoo culture has always been a fascinating environment to be part of. The skills and talents of the great traditional artists have always been a huge inspiration in my work.” – Billelis Appreciate


björk – utopia

The official video for utopia, taken from björk’s new studio album . Directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones


Reimagining Record Covers

Our friends and Digital Decade partners – Depositphotos invited 19 digital artists to re-imagine legendary record covers


Gutless Wonder

“Gutless Wonder creates eye-popping CG illustrations and 3D sculptures. With intricate patterns and vivid colours, her work brings to mind psychedelia, religious iconography and tribal art.” Read full interview on Creative Review


Explore: A Visual Essay by Andres Rossi

Exploration seems to be a human compulsion, so I wanted to tell a little story in the form of a visual essay, with a few images that can each convey an emotion related to Explore, showing a progression, going from Footsteps on a trail, climbing, looking at the skies, travellling through the void of


Laura Zalenga Photography

Laura is a 1990 born [self-] portrait-artist from Southern Germany. Besides photographing projects she teaches workshops, gives inspirational talks and travels to all over the world – always searching for magical places and special light. It’s her clear visual language, the power of telling stories



Davy Evans

Davy Evans ( @davyevans ) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Brighton. With a background in graphic design, Evans fuses analogue and digital techniques to create ethereal abstract imagery. He uses experimental photographic methods, combined with light and liquid to replicate colour


pip & pop’s psychadelic candy mountains are dripping with selfish desire

volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.

2BOATS, the floating photographic platforms traveling the waters of europe

volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. volumetric, explorable forms are composed of beams of projected light. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction.



gucci dog animoji introduced for chinese ‘year of the dog’

martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. martijn koomen and tadas maksimovas designed and built a fully-functional fixed-gear bike in tribute to an enigmatic, mathematical constant. are you knowledgeable about architecture? passionate about writing?


Architecture On Screen: Illustrated Plans From 6 Award-Winning Films of 2017

Why does a film garner critical acclaim? Is it captivating performances from its actors? Stunning tableaus and cinematic moments? Or, could it be the intricate sets where tales of drama, laughter, love, and loss play out?


A Light that’s Appealing and A’peel’ing!

As far as interaction design goes, the Rolo is the best lamp I’ve seen in the past few months. It ditches the concept of regulator switches, for something more tactile and a’peel’ing (I can’t use that pun enough).



teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown. Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium size businesses. Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment


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