7 Artists Reinventing the Ancient Art of Mosaics (reblog)

Mosaic — the ancient art of putting together tiny pieces of natural stone or tile — glimmering across civilisation since the beginning of time.  Mosaic gods and goddesses spill across the floors of ancient Pompeii; in Byzantium thousand of gold shards, centuries old, still radiate; and mosaics drape the pavements of many cities across the world.  They are beautiful pieces of art, paintings in tile that give energy and motion to space. However, for me, they are an antidote to my technology dominated the world.

Mosaics, after all, appeal to the senses, with the light playing off the various angles of coloured pieces and a wonderful rough texture that invites a hand to be placed on a work created by another hand.  Enjoy this ‘reblog’ of a post I came across the other day.




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