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Tuesday the 6th of February 2018


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Flickr Heroes of the Week

Happy Monday! As per the usual, this was a tough decision but it has been made! The winners of this week’s Flickr Heroes challenge are ‘Ground’ by Mher Karapetyanon on Tumblr and Twitter & ‘Beautiful Beast’ by Ophelio Snaps on Facebook and Google+



5 Things You Need To Know To Capture Engaging Environmental Portraits

shares 0Facebook 0Flipboard 0TwitterWe’ve been talking a lot about Environmental Portraits, and if this genre has caught your attention, this post will definitely be useful to you. Here are 5 wise tips for anyone who’s willing to create environmental portraits. Let’s recap a bit before talking about what you need to do to achieve compellingly …



A Ukrainian Photographer Captures a Decade of a Single Park Bench

One of the most ubiquitous sights in any city around the world is the humble park bench: a meeting spot for friends, a place to grab lunch or perhaps a smoke, and maybe a quick snooze.



Photography by Donatas Zazirskas

Photography by Donatas Zazirskas. category: Photography. Photographer: Donatas Zazirskas. Location: Kettering, United Kingdom



Poetic And Luminous Florida During Winter

Montreal-based photographer François Ollivier returns with a series taken during his recent trip to Florida entitled “The Sunshine State”. In the manner of a



Turkina Faso Photography

Kati Turkina aka Turkina Faso is Russian born and London based journalist, tutor and independent photographer. Apart from editorial photography she does for numerous magazines she keeps a personal way to do visual research of the relations between nature, humanity and reality and its perception.



Winners Of The Guardian Readers’ Travel Photography Competition – January 2018

Images of nature and people came to the fore in our first monthly competition of the year. “This shot of a house in the snow was taken on an August stroll with my Danish uncle around a village in East Greenland”.




“8155” by Photographer Mark Sommerfeld

A poetic intersection of time and space by photographer Mark Sommerfeld.



Photographer Spotlight: Markus Shearer

Markus Shearer is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His ongoing series titled Lone Fir documents his friendship with the 76 year old



Vintage Photos Depict High School Fashion by the Decades, From the 1950s Through the 1990s

Despite their signature angst and knack for bending rules, high school students have always played it cool when it comes to fashion: setting standards and ushering outdated trends toward the exit.



Photography: Exploring the World’s Longest Art Gallery

We are exploring the World’s Longest Art Gallery which is commonly known as the Stockholm Metro. A place should be marked for your bucket list!



High Contrast Landscape Photography

Thinking in monochrome is nothing unusual for us street photographers. But when shooting landscapes it is nothing that I normally consciously look for. Today it was different. While the significant other and the big girl took to the slopes today on this marvelous winter day in the Austrian Alps, I grabbed the PEN-F with the…




teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown. Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium size businesses. Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment.


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