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I love a list.  Lists make me feel organised and productive and efficient.  My design list improves your focus they act as a tool to organise digital content.  Let those content creators help you organise your thoughts.  These lists are curated from some of the best design, art and culture blogs from around the world.


It has been three weeks since I have published my “I love a list” post, enjoy;




20 Best New Portfolio Sites, February 2018 | Webdesigner Depot

Hey everyone! It’s February, and you know what that means: Hallmark executives get bonuses! Also, people make a special effort to show love and affection to those they care about, which is cool too. The theme this month is minimalism and motion designer portfolios, pretty much. Enjoy.


15 Small Desks Fit For Small Spaces

There are a host of reasons you may need a desk inside your home. Whether you need to create a home office for yourself or a vanity in the bedroom, someone inside the house will eventually need a personalized spot to get some necessary work done.


18 Colouring Books for Adults Created by Famous Illustrators

It can be difficult to find colouring books for adults that feature truly beautiful art – but these have been drawn by some of our favourite illustrators including Johanna Basford OBE, Lizzle Mary Cullen, Mike Perry, Jon Burgerman and Tom Hovey.


7 Home Office Designs Inspired By Classic Fonts

Art by Marilyn Vinch 3.7k Views Just as everyone has a little interior design guru inside, everyone who works with design, imaging, or writing, has a bit of a font geek lurking in their soul, too.


12 Students Team up with Sweden’s Top Furniture Producers to Create Six Prototypes – Design Milk

In teams of two, 12 students at Beckmans College of Design were given a brief and one company’s time + expertise to create a modern furniture prototype.


Winter Hair and Skincare Essentials

All seasons require attention to skin and hair, but the winter months provide a certain type of duress. Colder air holds less moisture. Blasting indoor heat takes its toll. The results can be unsightly, more importantly they’re uncomfortable and could lead to long term damage.


9 Ways To Make Your Storage Cabinets More Space Efficient

If you can’t add more actual storage cabinets to your living space, you can always increase the capacity of what’s already there. This includes kitchen cupboards, free-standing wardrobes, media centers, and medicine cabinets – all of which are silently pleading “make me better, make me better!” Fulfill their organizational destinies, with these nine tips…


11 Houses With Incredible Cantilevers

12 Cantilevers, structures that protrude from a building without the need for supports, are highly popular not only for their dramatic aesthetic effect, but also for the demonstration of technical mastery involved in their development. But we rarely see cantilevers in housing.


9 Reasons You Should Use This High School Staple at Home

I haven’t set foot in a high school in years, but I still sometimes have nightmares about forgetting my locker combination. Those metal lockers are one of the most iconic (and anxiety-inducing) features of the American high school, but they can also be a great option for storage in your adult home-and you won’t even need a lock.


10+ Thought-Provoking Illustrations About Today’s World

Artist Stephan Schmitz works as an illustrator for famous magazines like Elle, The Economist, and Wall Street Journal, providing clever drawings for articles. However, his creations are interesting on their own, and sometimes even take a whole new meaning without an accompanying written piece.


45+ Awesome Housewarming Gifts that Beat a Bottle of Wine

Someone you care about has a new home! Show them how excited you are for them with something from this extensive list, packed with options from the sweet and petite to the wildly indulgent. Three words: Ice. Cream. Subscription. Celebrate their new set of keys with these elegantly spare key rings.


Watch: Five Design Principles That Steve Jobs Was Known To Live By – DesignTAXI.com

The former Apple CEO was known to exact precision in most facets of his life.


Bloat Couture: 11 High Fashion Designs that Look Like Actual Garbage

Do you have $850 burning a hole in your pocket that you’d like to spend on some bedazzled platform Crocs that look like a three-year-old’s art project? Perhaps you’d prefer to shell out thousands for the honor of sticking your arms through a plastic dry cleaning bag and calling it a dress.


15 Artists Under 30: Colin Webber

This is the third year we’ve run our New Visual Artists: 15 under 30 issue. What was once a highly edited list of 20 of the best and brightest young designers is now a deeper exploration of 15 of the most original talents working in visual communications today.


25 of the Best Coworking Spaces When You Can’t Live (or Work) Without Good Design – Freshome.com

If you were drooling over the awesome office spaces of your favorite brands and wish you could work somewhere just as cool, you may be in luck! Coworking spaces are popping up around the world as digital nomads and entrepreneurs opt to get out of their pajamas and “adult it” in a shared office environment.


5 Lessons We Learned Working In Design’s Wild West

Conversations: They reflect one of our most basic human instincts. As infants, learning to talk is one of our first acquired skills, and verbally communicating with others quickly becomes a fundamental part of daily life. But only recently have we started to converse with technology, asking it questions, making requests, and so much more.


15 Awesome Items From Amazon You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted

Ah Amazon, what began simply as the disrupter of Barnes & Noble is now the all-encompassing digital flea market monolith that we all turn to for, well, everything. At this point, if it isn’t available on Amazon, does it even exist?


15 Organized Kitchens That Are Oddly Satisfying

For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January and February for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.



21 Tiny Stories for Those Who Have Lost Their Motivation

The right story at the right time can move us at our core. Here are 21 super short but incredibly focused accounts of real life, real struggle, and the inner resilience of the human spirit. Read through them when you need an extra dose of motivation.


How To Infuse Personality Into Every Room Of Your Home

Usually, when we talk about design choices, we come at them from the perspective of how to make the rooms in your home appeal to the masses. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that, at the end of the day, your home really only needs to appeal to you.


5 Clever New Water Bottles

“Drink water! You’re not drinking enough water every day!” Feel as if you’re constantly being harangued about your H2O consumption? You’re not alone. Of course it’s easy to drink water when you’re at home and have constant access to a kitchen – it’s when you’re on the go that it gets trickier.


9 Buzzed-About 2018 Authors You’ll Want to Know First

There’s nothing worse for a bookworm than hearing about a must-read debut, only to find you’re the 105th person on the waitlist at your local library. In the interest of keeping you, and your bookshelves, ahead of the curve, we’ve outlined some of 2018’s most-anticipated releases and debut authors so you can start requesting your holds now.


28 Packaging Designs That Feature “Millennial Pink”

Chances are you’ve probably heard the term “Millennial Pink” floating around the web, but chances are even better that you’ve seen the color pop up all over the place. Sometimes it’s blush, sometimes it takes on a beige tone and other times it pops up as a pale shade of pink.




Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

Whether you believe Valentine’s Day is a holiday created to sell greeting cards, or that it’s crucial to expressing your adoration for those around you, every year on the 14th of February things go a little heart-shaped.



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