Daily News for Thursday the 22 February 2018

News for 22 February 2018

How Paul Klee influenced a generation of American artists, from Pollock to Motherwell


Adolph Gottlieb, Labyrinth #1, 1950.

Paul Klee, widely considered to be the father of abstract painting, never once set foot in America. When a gallerist entreated him to visit New York in 1937, he famously brushed off the invite: “I would love to, but as you can see, there is so much work to do that I am afraid I shall never find the time.”

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Artist Spotlight: Allison Gildersleeve


Paintings of dense forests and wooded areas by Brooklyn-based artist Allison Gildersleeve. See more images below.

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Buy: My Ariel

Cover of My Ariel

Sylvia Plath’s second book of poetry “Ariel” (famously edited and rearranged by her husband Ted Hughes) was published two years after her death. In “My Ariel,” Canadian writer Sina Queyras explores and reworks Plath’s poems with unabashed humor and dynamism. Backed up by plenty of research on Plath and her texts, the contemporary poems pay homage but are truly the works of Queyras.

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Design is the solution to the plastics problem, says Kara Melchers

Piece of plastic floating in blue Water

After David Attenborough drew much-needed attention to the global crisis in oceanic plastic pollution in Blue Planet II, the government and the Church of England used the discussion’s momentum to make strides in environmental awareness. Then, the BBC announced it would be working towards banning single-use plastics across the corporation by 2020.

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Breathtaking views of Shanghai from above

Photograph of a Shanghai highway taken from above

These magnificent views of Shanghai from above were taken by drone by German design director Mark Siegemund, who presents the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity of this dynamic city in a series of breathtaking images.

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Inspiring 3D Design Object By Wang & Söderström

Inspiring three-dimensional Artist design

The Danish art and design studio Wang & Söderström, which specializes in digital exploration and manufacturing, has created the project “Table of Contents 101”. The concept? Make a collection of several decorative objects (vases, sculptures, pots) entirely modelled by hand and then printed in 3D. Original pieces that we would like to have at home. To discover on their website and on Instagram.

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Logo Designer: Pánczél Otto

Designer: Pánczél Otto - logo

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How demographics, automation, and inequality will shape the next decade

Highway at night with car light trailsIncome inequality has increased rapidly in the last few decades, as the gains from globalization, technology, and political changes have flowed largely to top earners. At the same time, wages among earners in the lower and lower-middle of the income scale have stagnated.

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Postmodernism Makes a Comeback in Adam Nathaniel Furman’s Fun New Cabinets

Postmodern cabinet designs by Nathaniel FurmanPostmodernism is one of those architectural genres that’s part reaction, part innovation, and it’s as divisive as it is popular. But like all other fashions, postmodernism is coming back around, and many young designers, artists, and illustrators are now looking back to iconic collectives like the Memphis Group, whose bright colors and playful patterns pushed against the sterile rigidity of modernism, for inspiration.

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Oak trees inform design of northern California home by Field Architecture

Oak trees inform design of northern California homeAmerican studio Field Architecture has created a spacious house for a wooded site near San Francisco, where preserving conditions for local flora and fauna was a guiding concern for the architects.

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Miniature sculptures humorously describe life at work – and anyone can relate!

My Post (8)

We all know somebody who lost it and gave up because of the struggles at work – you might even be one of them! This photographer, however, knows a thing or two on how to transform corporate slavery gripes into truly interesting art that is sure to make anyone’s day.

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Color View

My Post (9)The post Color View appeared first on Design Seeds.

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