Emilio Gironella and empathy art

Screenshot of Gironella website
Screenshot of Gironella website

Emiliano Gironella is a Mexican artist that works in a number of different artistic disciplines. His work has been exhibited, respected and recognised throughout the world. His body of work is described as powerful and affecting and touches on issues of violence and social injustice in Mexico.

Born in Mexico City in 1972, Gironella is the son painters Alberto Gironell and Carmen Parra, and has been exposed to the art world from an early age. Gironella is a graduate of the Interlochen Centre for the Arts located in Michigan in the United States.

Empathy Art

Gironella is a proponent of ‘empathy art’ the argument that the value of ‘art’ is the claim that it cultivates empathy. He has stated that art can communicate the issues of our contemporary world better than the ‘experts’. In 2011 he exhibited a selection of his works in which he expresses his dismay at the level of drug violence in Mexico.

gironella - MEXICO AL FILO
Example of Gironella’s Empathy Art

In his gallery located in the south of Mexico City, he exhibits his pictures of Santa Muerte to sculptures of machine guns with statues depicting a heroin needle hanging from the neck of his subject.

gironealla closeup empathy art

This narco culture theme is present in many of his recent works. His artwork can be considered very violent but at the same time very human. As a former police officer, I occasionally would be exposed to some of the horrific images from Mexico of beheadings and retaliation murders. His artwork is a useful method for processing these types of experiences. His work supports the Foundation-Stained hands providing support for the children of cops that have fallen in the line of duty. By educating these children, it will help change Mexican culture in the future.

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