The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires


Ashley Spires

Born Tsawwassen, BC

Known for Binky The Space Cat series of junior graphic novels and the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing, soon to be an animated short film.

Personal When not drawing, she is often jogging with her dog Gordon, cuddling her three cats, Penny, Fran and Mina or wrangling litters of foster kittens that regularly take over her studio.

Canadian author and illustrator Ashley Spires remind children and (big kids) about the importance of resilience.  Her illustrated Children’s book the Most Magnificent Thing is about a little girl who has in her mind a magnificent project. But like all those with great visions the results she gets on first attempts are not the ones that she imagined.  Fortunately, the resilient do not give up, we start again — and we journey on.

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No one, not even children — like to admit their mistakes, recognise their own failures. The Most Magnificent Thing is a beautifully illustrated and heartfelt book that teaches children how to cope when things are just not working.  Our protagonist is a little girl like many little and (big people) has the vision to build something big.  The resulting creation is not what she imagined – “It’s all wrong” she screams in frustration.

Studio dog Toby happy after I read to him
Toby my studio dog after I read him ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’

Her assistant an adorable little ‘puppy’ supports her with enthusiasm and passion.  However, after trying to improve her work, our passionate inventor rages and smashes her creation to pieces.

It is what happens next in that moment of defeat that Spires walks our hero out of despair and to a place where she can succeed.

A simple and profoundly inspiring book.

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teamSimon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of Newtown. Simon studied graphic design at Shillington College and specialises in web design for small and medium-size businesses. Simon and his team (Toby the studio dog) are passionate about visual communication in the digital environment

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