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Skeuomorphism is where an object in an application mimics its real-world counterpart.  The “trash can” on a desktop is perhaps the most skeuomorphic object on our desktops.  The idea was simply that smartphone interfaces would be much more intuitive to use when a skeuomorphic design was applied. Gone are the days (4 years ago) with the effort to make icons look like three-dimensional embossed objects.

The new guiding principle was flat design.  While the design modification helped Apple distinguish its devices from rival phones and tablets the company risks alienating longtime users.

Skeuomorphic - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message
Skeuomorphic – Wooden 3D rendered letters/message. Can be used for an online banner ad or a print postcard.

Bringing skeuomorphic design back?

This story was adapted from the original on Prototypr.

Last Thursday I posted some recent work to Dribbble. More than 10,000 views later, we could be starting a revival movement. The reaction to this particular work was so strong that I felt I had to share some thoughts.

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Skeuomorphic vs. flat design
Skeuomorphic vs. flat design iPhone screens

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