Pinterest as a mood board

results of a google image search
The results of a google image search on happiness

A mood board is an essential aid for promoting visual creativity that designers of various disciplines use to visually encapsulate the quality of mood, tone of voice and look and feel for a design brief. With any design project, it is vital that you conduct research so that you’re not relying solely on your knowledge and experience.

Google images and other resources are perfect for researching a mood board. If you are investigating an emotional quality for example, such as happiness, or joy then searching these terms with google images search will return images that people associate with these emotions.

The following screenshot is from a Google image search that I conducted on happiness. While the images that have been returned I would not call a mood board as they are generic and I have not personalised them.  However, the pictures that are displayed quickly can clarify and focus my research on colours, images and typography that are used to convey the emotion I am researching.

In my opinion, one of the best Apps for creating a mood board is Pinterest. Once you have gathering images, that are similar in colour or function begin to group the selections on a board. One of the loveliest aspects of having the Internet available is that one has access to millions and millions of high-quality and inspirational images.

Screenshot of Pinterest user interface
Screenshot of Pinterest user interface

The following article explains in detail how to set up your Pinterest account and begin to use it as a mood board.

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