DANCHI Dreams: Urban Photography by Cody Ellingham ( We and the Color)

Massive concrete structures

Cody Ellingham is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been exploring Japanese public housing apartments, known as ‘Danchi’. These massive structures were built in the 1960s and 70s as a vision of a new Japan. Half a century later, the buildings are in decay.

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The tiny apartments in these giant, government subsidised housing projects, known in Japanese as a ‘danchi’.  There is just not enough land for everyone in Japan.  Viewed from above, the grey concrete towers look like identical tombstones.  There is barely enough room for a husband and wife and two children in the typical Japanese Danchi apartment.

For this reason, most couples that can afford it move on to larger unsubsidised apartments or suburban houses when they are ready to have a second or third child.  As a result, the danchi population was transient and there was little sense of community.








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