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eNewsletter a cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers

eNewsletters have always been an excellent marketing technique for small businesses who want to keep current or prospective clients informed about their products or services.  If you are of the opinion that no news is good news?  Then you may need to think again.  If a client is going to do business with you, then they will need to take an interest.

Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Newsletters are proving to be a cost-effective marketing tool.  Unfortunately, readers of e-newsletters may react negatively to those that newsletters are not user-friendly.  The result is that you may undermine the relationship that you have established with your customer.

The following are some pointers for delivering e-newsletters that will keep your readers engaged.

Display on different platforms

Remember that readers of your eNewsletter are using a variety of various web platforms, which display information differently.¬† To make sure that all your readers can view your newsletter make sure that it works on a variety of different platforms.¬† These devices may be smartphones, tablets or desktops and everything in between.¬† See what the delivery and display look like on each as well as the functionality of the “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” options.


Hold to the same standard as you would for e-mail of any sort.¬† Avoid using capital letters, and do use spelling and grammar checkers.¬† I use Grammarly to polish my writing.¬† There are several levels of writing that one can use choose including “general”, “technical” and “academic.”

Keep it Simple

Keep your newsletter to a manageable length.  With e-newsletters, production and distribution are relatively inexpensive.  Although it may be tempting to go on about the virtues and offerings of your small business.  However, research has shown that your readers are skimming or only partially reading your newsletter anyway.

Keep a Schedule

Stick to a predictable schedule, whether it is quarterly, monthly, biweekly or weekly.  Repetition is the key and bimonthly mailings are just enough to keep your news fresh and keep you connected to key people. This is what readers have come to expect with print newsletters, and they are less likely to confuse eNnewsletters you are sending with spam.

Easy to Unsubscribe

Just remember¬†that you have¬†to have permission to send to people on your lists, so remain legal and credible. Make your newsletter easy to unsubscribe to.¬† Not everyone will want to be on your e-newsletter list.¬† Don’t hide the instructions for discontinuing the subscription, and make sure that it is as rapid and efficient as possible.¬† Otherwise, you are likely to create the impression that your business is annoying.

An e-newsletter should whet peoples appetites while making it easy for them to get to your website.

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