Riff on light and darkness


When you make room for the silence and solitude you also make room for light.

Every person has three lives; the first is preparation for the second; the second is preparation for the third.

The first life is spent in darkness, silence and solitude.  The developing child has eyes, but cannot see, ears but cannot hear, hands but cannot grasp, feet but cannot walk.  They are an object of tenderest love of their mother, but is all unconscious of that love and cannot respond to it.

However, out of the world of darkness, they are born into a world of sound and solitude they are born into a world of sound and sunlight and companionship.  Into this new world, they come through this door of pain – their mother’s travail pain, with difficulty, endured; their own pain, for they greet life with a cry – into the light.

(Sourced from old newspaper clipping)

Light vs. dark — I think about a terrific scene in True Detective.

Light vs dark – light wins

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