Selfies make your nose look bigger

Selfies make your nose look bigger

A team of researchers from the Rutgers University School of medicine in New Jersey has recently confirmed what many of us have already guessed: that selfies have the unfortunate effect of distorting the size of one’s nose. The research was published in JAMA.

Most people will take a selfie to place it on their favourite social network platform. And they form the opinion that these images are representative of how they look, which can have an adverse impact on their emotional well-being.

In fact, many plastic surgery patients are indicating that they want to undergo surgery to reduce the size of their nose. In fact, researchers go so far as to say that up to 55% of plastic surgeons say that people turn to their services to tweak and improve their selfie image.

Like a warped mirror

It is essential the people realise that when they take a selfie, what they see is, in essence, what they would see in the distorting mirror at a fair. The research was conducted to provide plastic surgeons with a better way to explain to their patients why they should not use selfies to assess the size of their nose.

A nose that is 30% wider in appearance

A selfie that is taken at a distance of about 30 cm from the face makes the base of the nose appear up to 30% wider, and a tip of the nose 7% thicker than a typical portrait taken a meter and a half away.


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