This geometric yellow house fits into the chilean landscape like a tetris piece (designbloom )

this beach house in chile by aguilo pedraza arquitectos sits above the urban boundary and views the sea despite its distance from it. the dwelling was designed with specific accessibility requirements, and for this reason there are several ramps that lead to the various floors from the outside. its unique shape has less of a clear origin, one might guess from a glance it’s a response to the famous tetris game — an effect that is contributed to by the bright color scheme. however, yellow was chosen quite intentionally to reference the historic coastline, which was once lined with colorfully painted metal structures such as this. all images by nico saieh one thing’s for certain, the client wanted a view of the ocean despite its distance from the coastline. consequently, aguilo pedraza arquitectos elevated the house and installed a series of massive windows that permit sweeping views from every floor. in total, there are three floors plus the outdoor roof-terrace. the bedrooms are located on the first two levels, with primary living accommodation found on the uppermost storey. the dwelling takes on the appearance of a bright yellow tetris block the stacked dwelling can be accessed in a number of different ways the bold color choice ensures that the house stands out in its residential setting the house viewed from the passing street at the rear of the property the residence overlooks both the urban environment and the sea site plan floor plans elevation project info: name: yellow house architects: diego aguilo ch. / rodrigo pedraza p. collaborating architect: jose lemaitre calculator : joel contreras builder: mauricio urzúa u. project year: 2014-2015 construction year: 2015-2016 built area: 104.5 sqm surface area : 432 sqm location: zapallar, 5 region, chile materials: concrete plinth, metal structure, hd miniwave metal cladding, clear pine interior cladding (knot-free)

Source: this yellow house fits into the chilean landscape like a tetris piece


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