Anti-stress coloring book in the drawing process

Some of the best selling books online are adult colouring books. They are not like your typical children’s colouring books – which have huge illustrations and are not especially challenging to anybody who has hand-eye coordination and is over the age of 12. Adult colouring books are incredibly intricate and are characterised by small details that you must carefully colour in, so you don’t stray outside the lines.

Adult colouring requires Skill and Patience

The time commitment required to complete an illustration far surpasses that of a children’s colouring book. If you are a novice beware: adult colouring books are for the adept. However, despite their challenging nature, the activity is oddly addicting – and calming and relaxing.

Cultivates Focus and Concentration

I became acquainted with adult colouring books on a road trip with my wife. It is a hobby or a pursuit that does not require the massive expenditure regarding technology, it is portable and most of all it is fun. I have found it allows me to focus on the here and now and stay present. It helps me with my focus and concentration. My stressful thoughts on future worries can be simply pushed aside as I take the time to enjoy the present moment. One of the theories contends that the constant muscular back-and-forth and movements required to colour in– decreased heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. I find that colouring in is quite a nostalgic experience, and it reminds me of the childhood days that I whittled away with my favourite colouring book.

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I am not particularly good at drawing, and it is an excellent way for me to be artistic. In the end there is only so much I can internalise about the US politics and the everyday grind of the 24 hour news cycle. Colouring in is incredibly relaxing and affordable. Colouring is something that people can do without any training at all it is for everybody.


Further Reading

Top 5 Places to Download Thousands of Free Adult Colouring Sheets

Enjoy the calming activity of colouring. It’s easier than you think!  You don’t need to go and purchase a colouring book; there are a ton of free adult colouring sheets that you can download for free. All you need is access to a printer.

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