Herb Lubalin renowned graphic designer

Herb Lubalin was a renowned international graphic designer.  As a logo designer, Lubalin used visual metaphors into his typography.  He created beautifully crafted wordmarks that defied traditional letter spacing (Graphic Design Referenced).


Lubalin 100 honours the life and work of renowned graphic designer Herb Lubalin

Renowned American graphic designer, Herb Lubalin, best known for his collaborations with Ralph Ginzburg on the magazines Eros, Fact and  Avant Garde,  is regarded as one of the most prominent figures in typography and typographic design in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The, 17 March 2018, will mark what would have been Lubalin’s 100th birthday.

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In post World War 2 America few graphic designers were more charismatic and influential than Lubalin.  Lublin as an art director and typographer bought humour, sensuality and expressive modernist flair to every letterform in his work(Poulin 2012).  His work incorporated tight letter and line spacing, extreme kerning and a keen sense of typographic detail.

Avant Garde Gothic on tunnetuin Lubalinin kirjaintyypeistä. Herb Lubalin

Additionally, he worked with type in an illustrative way seldom done before, either by employing typographic forms as graphic elements of the design or by creating typographic puns.

Eros Magazine Cover - Spring 1962
Eros Magazine Cover – Spring 1962


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