Smarter Font Identification

Identifying a font just got a little easier today. The WhatTheFont mobile app has been redesigned and relaunched with several great new features.

In the past, I’ve had to play tricks to identify script fonts by manually spacing out individual glyphs for identifiers to recognise letters, but I’m glad that this is now a thing of the past. The app can now identify scrips and multiple fonts in one image.

The app also utilised machine learning, something I’m familiar with from a former career. It simply means that the matching algorithm has been trained to identify fonts using a vast corpus of examples and will continue to improve with each new task.

Try it out here: WhatTheFont

Other Notable Font Identifiers:

Identifont – One of the first of its kind (Identifont launched in 2000). The process is more manual, narrowing down options via a series and options, however, it boasts the largest independent directory of digital fonts on the Internet.

Photoshop – Match Font – Did you know Photoshop CC has a Match font option that will search your installed fonts and the Typekit library to best match an image?

Typophile – Having no luck with the digital options? Ask a expert. Post your image and Typophile’s crack team of community experts will identify the font for you, usually within minutes

WhatFont – This is a very handy browser tool for identifying web fonts. Simply click the button and mouseover the type you’d like to identify.

If you know of other useful font identifiers that should be on this list please get in touch.

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