Brand Identity for Chus x Chus by Pentagram

“Brand identity evokes the visual qualities and graphic forms of Burés’s jewelry with distinctive custom typography constructed of modular shapes. The Pentagram designers developed a full alphabet and custom typeface, called CXC, built of individual link-like shapes that almost touch, giving the letterforms a glittering, dimensional effect. The wordmark echoes the linking or beaded structure of the metalwork, while the monogram merges the “C,” “X” and “C” into an interlocking clasp-like form. The highly visual approach also carries through to the website, which shows off the jewelry with a surrealist sense of surprise, drama and mystery. ”

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned and run by 21 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual fields. Each of their clients works directly with one or more of their partners. This reflects their conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, which is demonstrated by a portfolio of work that spans five decades.

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