Book Review: Luis Bustamante New Perspectives

Luis Bustamante is among my favorite European interior designers. I have admired his work for years. His first book, Luis Bustamante: Interiors is among my favorites as it showcases his work which is classic, polished, and endlessly inspiring. His new book, Luis Bustamante: New Perspectives  was recently released and is just a good. It is filled with ultra-chic interiors spanning from Madrid to Mexico City and California. Bustamante started his career in the 1980s as a sculptor and painter after studying fine arts at the Universidad Compultense de Madrid. He went on to exhibit in Madrid’s political capitol of Madrid and its artistic capitol of Barcelona. Bustamante eventually moved to Barcelona and finding himself intrigued by interior design, he opted for a career change. Eventually, he moved to Mexico where he lived for five years, cementing his reputation as a formidable international designer.In the year 2000, Bustamante found his way back to his hometown of Madrid and established the design studio which serves as the headquarters for his business.

Bustamante has completed both residential and commercial projects throughout the world. Think high-profile destinations such as New York, London, Miami, Spain, and Mexico. Bustamante’s work reflects his classical sensibilities. His spaces orbit around a perfect sense of symmetry and are imbued by Roman and Greek motifs—think striking sculptures, marble columns and plenty of Greek key. While Bustamante’s work is decidedly more formal and classical than what I typically gravitate towards, it is undoubtedly elegant and timeless. It is at once bold, yet restrained. That may sound like an oxymoron, but I think you’ll understand exactly what I mean upon seeing his work.  Every space is just so fine. You can tell he uses the finest materials and every detail is attended to with the most precise perfection. Be sure to add this new book to your bookshelf!


{Photography by Ricardo Labougle Courtesy of Luis Bustamante}