lost utopias: jade doskow photographs forgotten world’s fair attractions

what happens to once-iconic global attractions? jade doskow answers this question in her decade-long photo series, ‘lost utopias’ — presented at new york’s front room gallery from april 20 – may 20, 2018. the series captures the sometimes desolate remains of world’s fair architecture

jade doskowimages courtesy © 2018 jade doskow / front room gallery 
montreal 1967 world’s fair, ‘man and his world,’ buckminster fuller’s geodesic dome with solar experimental house

these world’s fair attractions were some of the most daring and unusual structures of their time. unfortunately, little planning went into their longevity. in doskow’s photographs, we get honesty. some monuments have aged with dignity; several have become tourist-attractions; a few of them have been forgotten altogether.

jade doskow
san francisco 1939 world’s fair, ‘golden gate international exposition,’ (originally) palace of fine and decorative arts, entrance

jade doskow
new york 1964 world’s fair, ‘peace through understanding,’ unisphere

jade doskow
brussels 1958 world’s fair, ‘a world view: a new humanism,’ atomium

jade doskow
new york 1964 world’s fair, ‘peace through understanding,’ philip johnson’s new york state pavilion (fresh paint)

jade doskow
st. louis 1904 world’s fair, ‘louisiana purchase exposition,’ flight cage

jade doskow
philadelphia 1876 world’s fair, ‘centennial exposition,’ fair washrooms

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apr 11, 2018

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