Ryu Kozeki uses resin-infused, stripy plywood to give the shaker-style chair a colourful review

Ryu Kozeki resin infused chairs
Ryu Kozeki resin infused chairs

tokyo-based designer ryu kozeki launches cantus firmus, a set of chairs based on the traditional shaker’s chair, during Milan design week. the chair and armchair are made of complite, a type of plywood infused with resin that bears more durable, stronger qualities.  the design was realized by the strength of the material ryu kozeki used multicoloured complite, developed by Japanese manufacturer nittax,  for the chairs whose design showcases the material’s properties. thinly structured and with a form that brings to mind the typical, eighteenth-century shaker’s chair, the collection feels almost anonymous yet creates a strong, sophisticated impression.

Source: ryu kozeki reviews shaker’s chair with colorful, resin-infused, stripy plywood


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