John Frieda Hair Care Recruits Camila Mendes


John Frieda Hair Care has recruited actress Camila Mendes to join the ‘Your Hair Talks, Make A Statement’ campaign. 

The campaign’s mission to encourage women to express themselves through their hair. Mendes will create unique content that speaks to her personal hair story, and how it has played a role in her life. She will also host events and social activations throughout the year in partnership with the brand.  

“My hair has always been a definitive part of my personal style, so I love being part of a campaign that celebrates hair as a form of expression,” explains Camila. “I’m excited to join Your Hair Talks, Make A Statement with so many other bold, inspired women.”

Heather Warnke, director of marketing, Kao USA, says, “Camila is confident and outspoken…her bold style and self-proclaimed lifelong passion for hair makes her an amazing addition to our campaign. We’re very excited to have her share her journey and unique hair story.”