Kaiao Lights

KAIAO Lights is a family of easy to assemble lamps with customizable shades by Nicole Bussmann and Andreas Bhend.

Each lamp shade is made out of 12 pieces of paper and can easily be printed or colored by hand.

It all started with building single lamps for friends. After receiving great feedback, we decided to start serial production. That‘s why they are on Kickstarter and need your help: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kaiaolights/kaiao-lights

Think about your last move. You bought a new sofa, a new plant, new paintings and you even got a new boyfriend by now. But your lamps are older than your childhood bed linens. With KAIAO Lights that’s over. Get yourself the illumination your place deserves, choose from the cool designs online or design your very own lampshade.

KAIAO Lights is a design concept of Swiss quality that gives you countless options and at the same time is as simple as can be. You can choose your lamp online and have two options. Either you get an instruction manual and a list of parts you need to make it a DIY project, or you can buy a complete set of parts. Get creative with KAIAO Lights and make your own lamp in a heartbeat.

To really kick-start our project we need your input! Since we’re still at the very beginning of our illuminating journey, we want all of you to become a part of it. Share our excitement and make your very rst KAIAO Light with the digital manual you get for your participation. You’ll be lit up, we promise! As soon as we’ve conquered the world of lighting, we would love to win designers, illustrators, and artists from near and far for KAIAO Lights and share their lamp shade creations with all of you