pentatonic new clothes collection is 100% made from fashion waste

turning their cutting-edge recycling technology to fabric waste, pentatonic ‘new clothes’ collection introduces product furnishings made entirely out of fashion. the range, comprising of chairs, tables, hangers, cushions and accessories, launches in conjunction with their first pop-up store in paris, france. in the heart of le marais, on rue gravilliers, the shop is located in the gallery space ‘the supermarket’ for two weeks, where, alongside the new collection, the brand’s ‘fractured‘ series with snarkitecture is also on display.

with the ‘new clothes’ collection, pentatonic aims to demonstrate the beautiful and extensive possibilities of re-engineered fashion waste. their technology can re-generate synthetic fashion fabric waste into raw materials for endless possibilities, from a seat shell and chair leg to new yarns and even 3D moulded felt. ‘pentatonic’s unique technologies allow for the transformation of polymers such as polyester, a widely deployed material in the fashion industry, into dramatically different manifestations such as engineered structural furniture or flexible, breathable plyfix matrix-based felt. all the while always maintaining re-recyclability,explains johann boedecker, co-founder, pentatonic.

the process itself merges highly advanced automotive technology with delicate hand-curation and fabric assortment. fabric waste is grouped by color, structure and material composition, before being transformed as collages into functional three-dimensional objects via thermal laminations and 3D forming. the pieces of the collection all display an element of uniqueness, including the extensions to the ‘airtool’ chairs and hangers, which are based around three colors. as a truly circular brand, all items of ‘new clothes’ can be re-recycled.