Valery Demure's jewellery hotlist

Gold ring with white Cacholong bolb, Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong

‘Central Saint Martins graduate Scott Armstrong collaborated with Chaumet in 2017, on the design of a nature-inspired futuristic tiara. He is a very promising jewellery designer. In terms of this piece, I like how he is working with stones, and also squishing them into a metal frame.’ – Valery Demure

Ring with hand carved white Cacholong blob squashed between an 18-ct yellow gold frame with white diamonds and a ruby, by Scott Armstrong

Rock rings in black quartz and petrified wood

Kathleen Whitaker

‘Often designers who experiment with slices of stone do so in a very earthy way. Whitaker has a more sophisticated approach, mixing a organic elements with straight lines. I have followed Whitaker for a while on Instagram and like her minimalist, modern aesthetic. It is discreet and sophisticated. I love these bold rings, and the way the carved stone sits straight on the skin. They form beautiful shapes inspired by Barbara Hepworth, Brancusi, Arp.’ – VD

‘Rock’ rings in black quartz and petrified wood, by Kathleen Whitaker. Photography: Bradford Whitaker

Yellow gold and diamond earrings, Orit Elhanati

Orit Elhanati

‘The gold that Elhanati works with has a lovely patina. Her pieces have finger marks from being handcrafted, and I love how they have a certain coarseness. Matisse’s paintings of blue skies inspired the shape of these earrings, their length is very sensual.  There are so many designers out there trying to appeal to a wide audience, but Elhanati aims to engage very sincerely with the individuals that buy her organic designs.’ – VD

‘Nude’ earrings in 18-ct yellow gold with diamonds, by Orit Elhanati

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