Brands and Consumerism Inception by Claire Sunho Lee

Visual artist Claire Sunho Lee, based in New York City and Seoul, is currently producing a photographic series called «Inception of Desire» where internationally recognized brands become the main inspiration of various colourful images which come to question our consumer status, always craving another object.

She explains: «I’ve chosen iconic brands with iconic representative colours for the subjects to discuss consumerism and materialism. With each shadow creating a box-imagery, I aspire to portray a box of dark desire. The word “inception” in the title is used because it not only literally means the beginning of desire, but also could mean the inception of the subject, for instance; McDonald’s within McDonald’s within McDonald’s… fits in that virtual box of desire.» A meticulous series with an ethereal aesthetic which interrogates our consumerist system. Follow her work on her website.


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