Craft masters convene in Milan for the third edition of Doppia Firma

Housed at the elegant, privately owned 1930s Villa Mozart in Milan’s historic centre is the third edition of Doppia Firma – a dialogue between design and artisanal excellence – the exhibition which partners 13 international designers with Italian master artisans to create an original piece.

On show across the ground floor halls of the villa, owned by the jeweller Giampiero Bodino who uses the building as his studio and rarely opens his doors to the public, the contemporary works spanning disciplines such as glassblowing, gilding, silversmithing, silkscreen printing, spinning, lacemaking, typesetting and ceramics show skilled excellence at its best.

‘Bandiera per un giorno’ soprarizzo silk velvet, by Nathalie Dupasquier and Emanuele Bevilacqua

‘Bandiera per un giorno’ soprarizzo silk velvet, by Nathalie Dupasquier and Emanuele Bevilacqua. Photography: © Laila Pozzo for Doppia Firma; Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship; Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and Living Corriere della Sera

The project’s aim, which was founded by the Geneva-based private foundation Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, which promotes and preserves master craftsmanship and the Cologni Foundation for the Metiers d’art, a Milanese, non-profit organisation, which assists cultural and educational initiatives, is also to forge new and unexpected relationships between contemporary thinkers and those who employ the finest traditional craft skills. Each design is displayed with a series of images and films, examining the creative process.

Highlights at this year’s event seen at the ivy-covered villa include a new cotton lace by the much-in-demand French architect and designer India Madhavi and master lacemaker Lucia Costantini, while the London-based multi-disciplinary practice Studio Swine has teamed with master goldsmith Giampaolo Babetto from Arqua Petrarco to create a series of brushed silver objets. Dutch industrial designer Kiki Van Eijk has made a family of marble pieces overlaid with gold leaf in collaboration with Marino Menegazzo, the Venetian master gilder. The American-born, Swiss-based Ini Archibong who is also showing his first collection of furniture for British design brand Se, has worked with Elisabetta Bocchese to present a knitted textile.

Each piece will be marked with the signatures of both creators – Doppia Firma translates as Double Signature – to represent the conversation and collaboration.

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