Dr. D Takes Jabs at Trump and Brexit for Nuart Aberdeen

About 20 years ago, Dr D got bored with his fly-posting day job and started creating public interventions, primarily for entertainment. The Doctor’s long and consistent legacy recently scored him an invite to Nuart Aberdeen, where he didn’t miss an opportunity to place his work at the controversial Trump golf course, along with a couple other small jabs throughout the Granite City.

Not comfortable with the term artist, Dr D considers himself more of an “attention grabber.” Not the kind that seeks attention at any cost, but instead, one that captures accidental attention from strangers and plays with it. His initial inspiration grew from people mispronouncing and misspelling words, as well as plain, silly concepts and messages, which he now uses to twist the familiar public iconography and placing it “in the wild” to entertain and confuse. During his first art festival gig, and a rare occasion to place his work outside London, he introduced a series of works, new and old, installed throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. With some of the pieces directly focused on the particular location, such as small oil barrels labeled “Art is the new oil,” or signs labeled “No bald games,” his series of pieces address the general situation in his homeland. From pointing out issues in social housing, commenting on the Brexit situation, and pasting up obvious and sadly humorous fake newspaper headlines that announce curfew hours for “social cleansing,, his work will confuse locals for days or months to come.

The highlight of his visit to Scotland was the little diversion he did at Trump’s golf course only few miles outside the city. The controversial course that had a huge confrontation from environmentalists and locals living around it, was a perfect setting for Dr D’s misleading signage. Showing how the Brexit campaign goes in the same direction as Trump’s politics, the London-based “subvrertiser” made a pretty clear statement about current UK and US politics. On a funnier note, he placed one of Bortusk Leer’s colorful monsters carrying a placard stating “Don’t be a Trump” right under the official Trump golf course sign. He also installed 2 “No bald games” signs, making a joke of US president’s infamous hairstyle. Interestingly enough, Aberdeen used to be the place with most of “No ball games” signs back in the day, but was also the first city in Scotland to ban them. Sadly, the golf course security spotted the new additions almost instantly, and had removed them by the time we drove away. Luckily, we got these photos to put smile on our face every time we hear about Trump and his favorite sport.––Sasha Bogojev


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