Every '90s Kid Will Remember These Totally Rad Home Decor Items 

Whether you’re watching the latest television reboot, browsing the “Grunge Revival” collection at Forever 21 or liking the latest retro #TBT on your timeline, nostalgia for the 90s is all around. While the pop culture love fest for the decade rages on, let’s take a look back at some of the craziest decorating trends that will give any 90s kid a truly rad blast from the past.

See-Through Phones

Maybe the 90s should have been known as the see-through decade. Transparency was totally in when it came to home decor. Long before every kid had their own smart phone, the ultimate luxury was a home phone with colorful gears visible to the naked eye.

Inflatable Furniture

Not practical or comfortable but, undeniably popular, these statement pieces blew up (literally) in the 90s. Act now and this never even opened Britney Spears inflatable chair can be yours for the low, low price of $250.

Beaded Curtains

Nothing adorned the entrance to a bedroom closet better than strands and strands of multi-colored beads. Whether they were wooden in deep earth tones or plastic pinks and purples, these symphonic curtains livened up many a doorway.

Glow in the Dark Stars

I’d like to see a study done showing the correlation between 90’s kids with bunk beds and those who stuck these hard plastic stars all over the ceiling in free-style constellations. I’m pretty sure it would be a nearly 100% match.

Funky CD Towers

How better to display your hottest new movie soundtrack than have it proudly perched at the top of a wavy CD tower? Storage with flare—totally 90s.

Gel Candles

These gooey candles temporarily gave wax a run for its money, but buyers beware: that molten gel was hotter than an *NSYNC album.

Fuzzy Picture Frames

Furry and fluffy picture frames came in all shapes and sizes and finding a picture to fit in a pocket-sized faux fur frame was no small task.

Bulletin Boards

Kids nowadays just use tumblr, but 90’s kids know that the best way to display your prized Pokemon cards or best J-14 cutouts is on framed corkboard.

Anne Geddes Pictures

Babies in flower pots. Babies in nutshells. Nobody said the 90s weren’t weird. Was I the only preteen who had one of these calendars every year from ’95–’99? At least I didn’t have the dolls. Terrifying.

Beanie Baby…Display Cases

Once your Beanie Babies paid their dues to society and retired (and in the case of Curly, increased its supposed value to $2,500!), the right thing to do was buy them a clear display case, place them along side your other knick-knacks and let them live out their twilight years in peace.

Spice Girls Posters

Like bulletin boards, posters are not specific to the 90s, but what better way to celebrate the fab five than with huge girl power posters? Down the hall, my brother was honoring WWE-era Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the same fashion.

Butterfly Chairs

Once your inflatable chair popped, you could always turn to your somewhat sturdier, collapsible Butterfly chair. (The silhouette is still flapping its proverbial wings, even today.)

(Image credit: NBC)

Purple Paint

Monica’s living room; Arnold’s accent shelves in Hey Arnold!; Sabrina’s bedroom; is it a purple paint conspiracy or totally 90’s trend? I vote the latter.

Furry Pillows

Not to be confused with your run of the mill feather pillows, feathered pillows were a flamboyant finishing touch to tie a totally 90’s bedroom together.

Floral-Printed Sofas

From subtle vines to massive carnations, flowers were the upholstery choice of the decade. It’s no coincidence that the namesake of the classic 90’s kid show, The Big Comfy Couch, was a giant floral sofa.

Mosquito Net Bed Canopy

Whether you dangled gauzy curtains behind the headboard like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (that’s two Teenage Witch mentions, but she was just so 90s!), or went full on princess net, ethereal drapery was a bedroom staple.

Lava Lamps

A throwback within a throwback! In the 90s we were busy feeling sentimental about the 70s and what better way to pay homage to The Me Decade than with a groovy lava lamp?

(Image credit: Courtesy of Colleen Murphy)

Thick Carpet… Everywhere!

By then end of the decade, we came to our senses and ripped it all up, but for a while it was the best way to dump out your Legos in silence. Pictured: my brother and I living our best 90’s life on some totally thick carpet. Long live the 90s!

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