BadAbout: A Website Where You Can Complain About Product Designs

BadAbout is the name of a website billing itself as “an online encyclopedia of criticism:”

“We allow users to quickly share and discover the drawbacks about something, usually a product or service. We are not a general review site. We collect the bad points to achieve a positive purpose.”

That’s right, submitters are only allowed to say negative things about each submitted item. They claim this will counter “clever marketing.”

The site divides each user submission into one of three categories: Facts, Opinions and Experiences. Here’s an example, on the page for the iPhone X:

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It’s a little depressing that people cannot distinguish between facts and opinions themselves, but you’d think I’d be used to that by now.

Some of the topics/targets on the site are specific products, as with the iPhone X; others are services, like the Facebook app and the Google Play Store; still others are general topics. I’m assuming this one was posted as a joke:

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In any case, people do like to complain, so I imagine they’re onto something here.

Lastly, they should license the following to automatically start playing in the background when you load the page.

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