Sephora's Seashell-Shaped Sponges Look Like Something Else, The Internet Says

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See what commenters on Sephora’s site and twitter users are saying.


Sephora’s newest sponge applicator — and its design — has sparked a funny conversation on the Internet.

The retailer’s coral-colored Ocean Crush Sponge Set, a part of the Sephora Collection, is shaped like a Conch shell. But website commenters and Twitter users, however, say it looks more like a body part — specifically, this shape that might be labeled NSFW when it’s up on your computer screen. 

The new sponges are designed to help apply liquid and cream makeup, flawlessly. The shape has a purpose, Sephora says. The retailer’s website states, “Shaped like a conch shell, the sponges have multiple ridges and points, as well as a flat cut edge on the base to apply makeup to larger areas of the face.”

No matter what the conversation is about, the fact that the Internet is buzzing about a new makeup sponge applicator is no doubt a win for the brand.