The Liberia Project x Felipe Pantone Collaborate on “The Hut”

The guys behind the Apartial project recently completed another noteworthy project in Liberia, continuing their mission of bringing art to everyone and encouraging people to join the creative community. This time collaborating with Felipe Pantone, the Spanish artist created the design, and the locals, constructed the shelter space.

With a direct focus on some of the poorest regions of the world, Apartial hopes to “encourage more people to join the creative community by hosting projects.” After working with such artists as Conor Harrington, Faile and Maser since 2016, their latest project was to build a space where the the locals can create their own artwork and the surfers can repair their boards. Using Pantone’s influence and talent as the base for the work, The Hut is now a public space where the local team can create their own paintings, photos and surfboards that will be sold to support the community with scholarships, equipment and employment.

‘The Hut’ – Apartial X Felipe Pantone from Apartial on Vimeo.

Aside from providing an alternative to those interested in such activities, the project organizers are hoping it will part of the process that will reduce the stigma surrounding the region after the civil war and Ebola crisis. —Sasha Bogojev


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