Tips Photographers Working for Web Designers can utilize

Photographers work in numerous ways and it depends on their skill levels and career goals. While some photographers work with reputed studios and ad agencies, there are others who work as freelancers. There are photographers working for newspaper agencies and TV channels as well. Similarly, there are photographers who work with web design professionals. While working with web designers, photographers tend to make some mistakes which can complicate things for both parties.

By using the below listed tips such photographers can evade the mistakes and boost career prospects.

Looks Matter A Lot

When you want to work with a reputed web design agency or graphic design firm, the appearance and the demeanor matter a lot. You should be dressed professionally so that the first impression created becomes a solid one. If you are dressed shabbily, the clients may not feel confident about your efficacy. You may risk losing the assignment as well.

Opening Up About Ability

While it is good to be humble and avoid bragging about your photography skills, you should at least let the web designer or design firm know about your prowess as well as expertise. If you do not explain the work you have done, they may not feel assured about hiring you. It is always advisable to bring along portfolio of your previous work to show them.

Punctuality Counts

Punctuality is a must when you visit and work with web design firms. When you visit the agency office, make sure you reach at least ten minutes in advance. No client wants to wait for a photographer reaching late while gasping to catch breath!


It is expected of photographers to take crispy and properly focused photographs that will make the viewers say wow. But if the camera and lens are not calibrated properly, the outcome maybe lackluster. Camera and lens calibration aims to fix the autofocus errors. This is the reason why you need to get your equipment calibrated by a professional so that each time you take a picture, you get the best result.

Not Asking Questions Can Create Problems

When you want to work with a web design company as photographer, it is important that you understand client needs very well before accepting the assignment or contract. You can ask the designer all questions required to ensure you deliver exactly the kind of snaps he or she wants. This will help you figure out what types of shooting accessories including lenses will be required for the assignment.

Not Adhering To The Needs Can Be Disastrous

As a photographer you may want to think and take images creatively but keeping the client needs in mind is absolutely important. In most cases, web design professionals and firms do a basic layout and then use the images to complete the overall design. So, the captured images have to comply with the basic design layout. As a photographer, you should resist the urge to go overboard with creativity and overlook the requirements and design guidelines of the web designer. Aspects like lighting, color scheme and shot style have to be analyzed in this regard.

Bringing Everything To The Shoot Can Be Helpful

After you bag an assignment from a web design studio or graphic design agency, you may feel like bringing required accessories and stuffs on location for shooting. However, it is more prudent that you bring everything in your photography tool kit on the shooting location. This includes tripods, all lenses, lights, USB drives etc. You can never be sure if any of these can be required in the shooting location. Sometimes, it may be difficult to understand what accessories you will eventually need at the spot.

Keeping Backup Of Your Work Is Important

It is important that you keep backup of your images for all assignments. Sometimes, the client may lose the copy you have sent or files may get corrupted owing to malware attack and hardware snag can also cause problems. If you keep backup copies, the situation can be salvaged.

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