Birthday card for Florian Hardwig

Source: Photo: Stephen Coles. License: All Rights Reserved. 

Since we’re featuring Stripes today, and we’re not far from Florian Hardwig’s birthday, here’s a card I made for our Fonts In Use colleague a few years ago. It’s inspired by this Letraset cover. I used the alternate ‘F’, and rotated the ‘O’ to increase the flo(w).

Florian is responsible for thousands of uses and typeface entries on Fonts In Use. He also regularly moderates submissions, researches historical information, engages in discussions, and recruits people to participate. The site would be far less active without him and I am continually grateful for his critical contribution.

He is not only a fellow type nerd, he is also a really good pal.

Source: Birthday card for Florian Hardwig


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