10 Easy Pieces: Hippie Bowls for Grains and More

It was around the same time I became obsessed with the Sqirl recipe for sorrel pesto rice that I started looking for the perfect bowl. Something low and wide; with high-enough sides to contain a lot of that rice. A decade ago, this style of bowl was called a pasta or risotto bowl, but in 2018, they’re meant for grains, greens, and things like avocado açai topped with chia seeds and banana slices fanned out around the edge (if you don’t believe me, check Instagram). Here are the 10 best bowls I’ve found to suit all your grain bowl needs.

N.B.: For further reading on the one-bowl meal craze, see “The Hippies Have Won” in the New York Times.

Above: Hasami Porcelain makes a 7.25-inch Gloss Grey Medium Rounded Bowl; $38 each at the Primary Essentials.
Above: Il Buco Vita’s black terracotta Rimmed Pasta Bowl is available in five glazes (shown in Dove Grey) and measures 11 inches wide; $105 each at Il Buco Vita.
Above: Berkeley ceramic artist Sarah Kersten makes the nine-inch Pasta/Salad Bowl, shown in a black glaze, available for $48 at Shed in Healdsburg, California.
Above: John Julian in England makes the Shallow Bowl measuring 10 inches in diameter (some of which the rim accounts for) and two inches tall; £19 from John Julian in the UK. The bowls are also available for $35 each at March.
Above: Health Ceramics has long offered its Shallow Salad Bowl (13 inches by 2.75 inches high). It’s shown here in Slate for $135 at Heath Ceramics.
Above: Philadelphia-based ceramics studio Felt & Fat makes the Large Nesting Bowl to order in 17 different glaze options (shown here in Canopy). The bowl measures eight inches in diameter and two inches high; $52, available to order from Felt & Fat.
Above: The Sue Paraskeva Grey Speckled Pasta Bowl is made from a mix of stoneware and recycled porcelain and measures nine inches in diameter and 1.75 inches high. It’s on the higher end of the pricing spectrum among the other options listed here: $130 at March. You can also find the bowls sold in sets from Herriott Grace in Canada.
Above: The Canvas Home Shell Bisque Pasta Bowl in white measures eight inches in diameter by 1.25 inches high and comes in a set of four for $80.
Above: From Humble Ceramics, The Stillness Bowl in Greystone/Snow White measures 8.5 inches in diameter and two inches high on the sides; $75 at the Primary Essentials.
Above: Ferm Living’s Large Neu Bowl is about 9.5 inches diameter by 2.75 inches high for €47 at Ferm Living in the EU. Stateside you can find them for $61 at Royal Design.

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Source: 10 Easy Pieces: Hippie Bowls for Grains and More


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